Small town in the big city

Talk to anyone who lives in Alger Heights and one of the first words out of their mouth is “walkability.”

Too darn hot?

Even though it doesn't officially arrive until June 21, it's feeling a bit like Summer already.

The Pollening

It sounds like the description of a horror movie. For some people, when the trees, grass, and weeds start to release their pollen and fungi send out their spores, it can certainly feel like it.

You’re invited to celebrate the Best of Grand Rapids

In just a few short days, New Vintage Place will be the site of an unforgettable evening.

Three ‘long-weekend’ getaways

With Memorial Day on the horizon, here are some curated travel ideas that offer a hassle-free way of getting there.

Knapp’s Corner Standouts

When one thinks of Knapp’s Corner, the words “on the cutting edge of design” probably aren’t what comes to mind.

Designing our outdoor spaces

While you might not know Mark Vysoky personally, you’re surely familiar with his work. Vysoky is a landscape architect whose resume includes such green spaces as Thornapple Riverbend and Millennium Parks.

Character, Detail & Flair

When a family of four approached Liz and Kevin Hoekzema with an idea for new construction, the design-build duo had just the spot.

A human canvas

The world of creativity has far-reaching, sometimes unexpected outlets and while what comes to mind when imagining the design scene might not be your own face, that’s exactly what the lash and brow industry brings to a thriving Grand Rapids scene.

A unique spa experience

If you’re looking for a way to warm up and hydrate dry skin this winter, a downtown Grand Rapids spa offers some unique therapies.

Big Screens & City Lights

What do Houdini, Liza Minnelli and Barbie all have in common? No, this isn’t a mystifying riddle, but, in fact, all puzzle pieces that led to the community space that is Studio Park

Shop owner shares London ‘vibe’ locally

Gina Van Timmeran took the leap to open Gina’s Boutique 19 years ago. She credits the lasting journey to hustling, a lot of hard work and a touch of naivety.

Step into a healthier year with trail walks

Whether it’s a New Year resolution to get more exercise in 2024 or a passion for being outdoors, there is now a new reason to explore the miles of scenic trails.

Meet the Griffins’ new Rinkmaster

There is something special about the Grand Rapids Griffins, and it would make many hockey coaches eager to jump at an opportunity behind the team’s bench.

The cure for furniture fixation

We all get stuck in a design rut sometimes.
Giving hope to single moms

Giving hope to single moms

Providing opportunities where there otherwise are none
Family Promise of West Michigan

Help an organization keep its promise

Family Promise of West Michigan helps keep entire families out of the cold
Womens Resource Center

Supporting Grand Rapids women for 50 years

50 years ago, Women’s Resource Center opened its doors in the hopes of giving women the support they needed to overcome workplace and employment challenges.

The Bird House

Brad and Becke Shiel wanted a change. They were ready for the next chapter in their lives. Despite loving their Eastown existence for the...

Christkindl is coming!

If you’re dreaming of a Christmas-time European getaway, you don’t have to travel farther than the Downtown Market.