Children’s nonprofit plans $8.5 million move

A nonprofit that supports children with weakened immune systems is moving to a new facility. 

A Book and a Promise

If you’ve been in a major city any time over the past couple of decades, there’s a very good chance you’ve seen someone holding a sign that reads: Homeless Veteran.

Post renovation euphoria

I’ve decided that renovating is a lot like having a kid. More the childbirth part.

Creston: The next Eastown?

Historic homes and in-progress apartments; pubs in place for generations and trendy new eateries; walking trails and playgrounds.

A resource for those out on the lakeshore

When LGBTQ lakeshore residents and visitors want to find resources and community, a community center on Holland’s south side serves as home base.

Hollywood Glam meets the Mitten Man

Welcome to the urban chic remodel project of the Dynamic Design Duo: Natalie Pickup and Will Bransdorfer.

Functional fitness

I was wondering what type of exercise I could do to get myself bathing suit-ready for summer. So, I reached out to Joe Cebulski, owner of 8th Day Gym. His answer surprised me.

Third generation ‘Harvest’

Henry Diedering’s grocery store chain started at the intersection of “necessity is the mother of all invention” and “the key to starting a successful business is to fill a gap in the marketplace.”

Cultivating wellness from the ground up

There’s an ancient proverb that says: “Life begins when you start a garden.” That’s clever. Of course, it does...

Bye-bye 4″ x 4″ pink tile!

As a seller out East, I had just enjoyed a weekend of selling my apartment and didn’t expect the heartache that was to come in finding a home in Grand Rapids.

Leaving a legacy

As one of the most prolific contemporary art institutions in Grand Rapids prepared to close its doors, I sat down with people from the...

Reap what you sew

When I heard about a young Grand Rapids woman who liked to make her own clothing, I never imagined the level of creativity or...

Wild Ones offer free native garden designs

The Wild Ones Native Garden Designs Program is an initiative that encourages the use of native plants in landscaping by providing garden designs for a variety of ecoregions across the U.S. 

Pet dental care

Dental health is a very important topic, one that I believe isn’t spoken about often enough.

A little aloha in West Michigan

As a home stylist for the last 24 years, it is so rewarding to be able to infuse joy into people’s homes through interior design.

Fashion Recycled

I caught up with Sadie on one of her last trips home where we discussed fashion. LE: First of all, how do you self identify? Are you a millennial, generation Z / something else?

Discers fling for food drive

November in Michigan brings cold days, gray skies and fleeting daylight. But most importantly of all, it brings anticipation of the holidays.

RSV cases on the rise this season

At Corewell Health Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, the new name for Spectrum Health, we care for what feels like an alphabet soup of viruses during...

Off to a running start

Women hoping to complete a half marathon, 10k or 5k as part of their New Year’s resolution will have some additional resources at their disposal thanks, in part, to people like Sammie Bennett.

Coffee break

Built-in coffee bars are all the rage right now, and it makes sense why that is: aside from being gorgeous and adding significant value to a home, they are incredibly functional, especially when hosting those large holiday gatherings!




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