Survey: 55% of Michigan residents say they would seek medication over therapy

A survey conducted by Detox.net shows 55% of Michigan residents say they would prefer taking antidepressants over seeing a therapist when facing a decrease in their mental health.

Study: Michigan makeup spending rose 23% during pandemic

According to Ibotta, a cashback platform that tracks spending habits across the United States, Michigan’s spending on makeup at big box stores grew 23% year over year.

Bathroom oasis

Transform your bathroom with these simple tips.

Tulip Time’s artisan market goes virtual for 2021

The deadline to submit applications for the Tulip Time virtual artisan market is Sunday.

Vintage vibe

Incorporate past decades' styles into your wardrobe today.

2021 West Michigan Area Show accepting submissions for exhibit

Local artists from 14 West Michigan counties can now submit their art for a chance to be juried into the 2021 West Michigan Area Show.

Report: Michigan ranks as America’s 19th physically strongest state

Life Vault, an online resource for powerlifting, bodybuilding and strength training, ranks Michigan as 19th on a list of America’s physically strongest states.

Grand Rapids resident to release book of poetry

Grand Rapids resident Alexis Stark is releasing a poetry book in May, “Learning to Sleep in the Middle of the Bed.”

Local entrepreneur creates lifestyle planner

Grand Rapids entrepreneur Kristian Grant launched her 2021 Game Plan Lifestyle Planner as well as The Making of a Game Plan.

2021 Amway River Bank Run rescheduled for October

Amway River Bank Run organizers announced the 2021 event was moved to Oct. 23.

Survey: 1 in 5 Michiganders say they drink more during winter months

A recent survey conducted by Rehabs.com shows that 20% of Michigan residents say they drink more when the weather turns cold.




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Athlete-level fitness

Former University of Miami footballer Daimond Dixon and his wife Regina Dixon opened a new workout facility that brings together athletes and nonathletes alike.

Getting to the root of health

Functional medicine practice uses food as medicine.

Winter wellness 101

Winter is typically cold and flu season, but this year, diagnoses could get a bit trickier with COVID-19 lurking around every corner.

Study: Michiganders would pay hefty price for COVID-19 vaccine

The average Michigander would pay $493 to jump the queue for the new COVID-19 vaccine, according to a recent study.