Coffee, corks and candlelight

Chateau Grand Rapids, located at 995 Cherry St. SE, is coffee bar by day, wine bar by night.

Sip Shine tasting room taking shape

Sip Shine Moonshine, a national brand founded and headquartered in greater Grand Rapids, has quickly made its mark on the spirits scene since its inception in 2019.

Something to celebrate at Beltline Bar

Heading up 28th Street and whipping a right turn onto Division St., today's lunch beat brings me to a place that feels like an old friend. You know it, you love it... The Beltline Bar!

The Wine Guys of West Michigan: Part 3

Joe Nielsen’s career path is so steady, so linear, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a Capricorn.

Create a DIY Bar Your Guests will Love

When it comes to holiday entertaining, no one wants to spend the night making drinks instead of enjoying their guests.

Last Chance Revamps

Your friend calls you up and says, “Hey, let’s go to happy hour at Last Chance Tavern & Grill.” You reply, “Where’s that?”

A hard kombucha convert

There’s something quite refreshing about popping into a local tasting room unannounced to find that the guy behind the bar serving the drinks is the owner.

The best pickle pizza in GR?

Step inside Bob’s Bar on the corner of Michigan St. in Grand Rapids and you’ll be immediately welcomed in by its down-to-earth atmosphere and homey presence.

Sip coffee + Sip cocktails = Hooray!

Alger Heights has long been a great place to combine a Saturday trip to the hardware store with a stop at Ken’s Fruit Market after meeting a friend for breakfast at Real Food Café. But as a late-night spot, there weren’t many options.

Hotel District announces award winners

It’s the time of year that many organizations recognize the past year's achievements and present awards.

Sophisticated Sipping

Nick Adams, formerly a bartender at Founders Brewery, has opened a new cocktail lounge on Bridge Street called, Drip Drop.

Cheers to 25 years

Brett VanderKamp is steadfast in his push to make New Holland Brewing Company one that lasts for the ages.

St. Louis craft brews break into Michigan

Schlafly Beer, an independent craft brewery based in St. Louis, widened its distribution footprint.

Slàinte mhath

Scotch can be an intimidating beverage to start exploring, but the iconic drink is fairly accessible with a little bit of knowledge.

Beer hall to celebrate grand opening

Cedar Springs Brewing Company’s old-world German beer finally is coming to Bridge Street.

Library introduces adult storytime

Storytime isn’t just for kids.

Social Misfits to host date night event

Naughty Bettie and Social Misfits are teaming up again for National Couples Day.

Brewery Vivant drops new saisons

‘Tis the season to introduce new beer at Brewery Vivant.

Tequila Fest coming to DeVos Place

More than 100 brands and varieties of tequila and mezcal can be experienced at a festival in downtown Grand Rapids.