Proud to be a Poppen

Christmas Day, 1965. Nancy K. Poppen of Muskegon is nine months pregnant. In fact, she’s about to burst. Her children, Wendy, 10 and Laurie, 5, are driving her absolutely crazy.

Top baby names of 2022

Corewell Health Butterworth Hospital has delivered 7,370 babies so far in 2022. Here are the top names for girls and for boys:

Play ball!

Some of the best places in Grand Rapids do their part to share the city’s history.

Poetry in motion

A fine artist and poet, William Randolph (Randy) Brown came to Grand Rapids as a young man.

Harrowing journey

At the close of World War II, thousands of women came to the United States as war brides, mostly from Europe. Felipa Breguera was one of 2,215 Filipina women who immigrated to America between 1946-1950 under the War Brides Act.

Peek into West Michigan’s nursing history

After graduating from nursing school in the 1890s, Lulu L. Cudney worked as a registered nurse in Grand Rapids for more than 60 years. In 1951, she compiled a history of nursing in the community, including stories and photographs about dozens of local women.

A restaurant with flair

Started by Lebanese immigrant Deeb Hattem in 1910, Hattem’s was a fixture at Wealthy and Division for nearly 60 years.

Breaking a barrier

In 1947, employment options for Black Grand Rapidians were limited mostly to hotels, restaurants, domestic work or hard labor.

All downhill from here

Sledding has long been a popular winter activity for kids in Grand Rapids.

Libraries on wheels

The Merrie-Go-Round brought books to the community.

‘Where friends meet’

The Apartment Lounge is a haven for those in need of community.

Saving nature

Community organizing helped keep Charles Garfield’s legacy intact.

Rock enthusiast

Blandford Nature Center founder was a hidden gem.

Women on the line

A group of Grand Rapids factory workers stood up for labor rights.

Breaking barriers

Dr. Eugene Browning paved the way for Black doctors in Grand Rapids.

Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.

Rev. David May ensured Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy grew in Grand Rapids.

Holidays past

This holiday scene shows what Christmas looked like in a house at 458 Adams St. SE, circa 1925.

Here comes Santa

The Jaycees ensured Santa Claus continued to visit Grand Rapids each year.

Women and Prohibition

As Prohibition played out in Grand Rapids, local women were active on both sides of the issue.

Unknowable history

An old ice cream sign leaves many questions unanswered.




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