‘Tis the season at Broadway Bar!

Celebrating the season for more than 30 years
The Broadway Bar, located at 740 Broadway Ave NW, is highly decorated for Christmas. Try your luck with a walk-in, but reservations are full until January. Photo by Erica Enos.

Ever been to the Broadway Bar during the Christmas season? It’s truly a sight to behold.

Practically every last square inch of the establishment is adorned with holiday decor. One could say they really know how to deck the halls, but there are no halls. The tiny neighborhood corner bar is all laid out in one room. Five long tables are set up banquet style perpendicular to a bar that seats about 12. In total, they could probably pack about 75 people in there, but they don’t. There’s protocol: “You need to make
a reservation,” said Nikki Landon, who’s mother has owned the bar and grill for 30 years. “And you need to make it in person. We don’t take reservations over the phone.”

Now, we all know that no matter what a place looks like, you can’t get people to come in droves just to see a bar decorated for Christmas. There’s got to be something more.

“People love our burgers,” said Landon, as she paused to demonstrate a new-fangled Christmas gadget just out of the box.

It’s true. I’d heard tell of the amazing Broadway Burger served on Texas toast, and tried it. It’s delicious. Landon said the olive burger pays homage Mr. Fables. Other grub includes fish & chips, various chicken dishes, a taco salad, grilled cheese, deep fried green beans and more basic bar bites like onion rings and tater tots. By the way, the chili was some of the best I’ve ever tasted, but you won’t find it on the menu during the holidays. So, if it’s the off-menu comfort food you’re after, and not the Fa la la la la, wait it out ‘til after the Christmas rush. “We’re not open Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, though. Make sure they know that,” Landon said.

Check out the Broadway Bar Facebook Page daily for off-menu homemade comfort food offerings like chili, ribs, pulled pork, meatballs and more.

Editor’s note: A Facebook post by Broadway Bar states that reservations are full through December, but there are still openings in January or walk ins. “You can try but (we) can’t promise anything.”

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