Hot summer reads

Named for Sirius, the Dog Star that burns brightest in the night sky in the constellation Canis Major, the “Dog Days of Summer” are the days of the year that are typically the hottest.

Plant, share, repeat…

If you're thinking about starting a garden, you might want to look into one of our local seed libraries to learn about growing flowers, herbs, and vegetables that grow well locally.

Exploring our treasured waterways

The City of Grand Rapids and Grand Rapids Public Schools have joined forces to offer an exciting opportunity to over 800 GRPS students next week at Riverside Park.

Rooting for a greener future

Arbor Day celebrations are in full swing as two area communities join forces to honor the occasion with tree plantings, festivities, and free tree seedling giveaways.

Gearing up for eclipse viewing

Frank Roldan of Grand Haven always has his eye on the sky.

A confluence of thought leaders

From the creator of Confluence Festival comes a thought series featuring leaders from local tech, design, education and creative firms.

The dog days of winter?

Emotional support animals have become increasingly recognized for their ability to provide comfort and assistance to individuals dealing with stress and anxiety.

Zoo school focuses on outdoor learning

A program for preschoolers that offers education through the exploration of nature is now accepting applications.

Preserving the aquatic community

A joint project dedicated to Lake Sturgeon found in the Grand River has been expanded through grant funding from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

Embrace Books this winter

Discover your next read with recommendations from Taleah Greve, founder of Embrace Books.