Not exactly ‘ruffing’ it

There is a growing connection between pets and their owners and Fido & Stitch is catering to those "pawrents."

Flaky, tasty bakery bites

There’s often nothing like a fresh loaf of bread, and Nantucket Baking Company is certainly one of the best around when it comes to baked goods in Grand Rapids.

Every day’s a Holiday

When a bar wins Best Bar and Best Happy Hour, that place is doing something right for their clientele.

Blue Dog Tavern: Hot to Tot!

A lot of bars end up with a certain late-night crowd, but only one won Best Late Night Dining and Drinks.

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Best of the best: Ways we stay fit

We polled our readers and they told us the best places for keeping active and fit. Here are the results: 

Best of the best: Where we imbibe

Our readers were polled and chose these bars as the best places to imbibe in their favorite beers and/or cocktails: 

Best of the Best: Arts and Entertainment

Our readers chose the best in arts and entertainment. From live music venues and museums to artists and TV personalities, here are the winners: 

Best of the Best: Ways we say I love you

In honor of the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday, a subsection of our "Best of the best" features various gift ideas for that special someone as well as wedding venues, hotels and more. 

Best of the best: Retail

The results of our readers' survey in the retail category are in.

Best of the Best: Bands

It just so happens that Brena, the best Band in Grand Rapids, according to our readers' survey, features a keyboardist and lead singer, Craig Avery, from my neck of the woods.