Climb on!

Best rock-climbing in Grand Rapids
Benjammin Parker (front) and Drew Parker (back) scale one of the two wooden structures built for climbing at Grand Rapids Boulder Park. Photo by Bryan Esler.

Grand Rapids isn’t exactly known for its mountains, but there is a wonderful rock-climbing community in Grand Rapids.

Pro or not, the community is welcoming, particularly at Grand Rapids Boulder Park, 700 College Ave NE, Grand Rapids, in Highland Park (this year’s winner for Best Rock Climbing Gym).

Together, the West Michigan Chapter of the American Alpine Club and the City of Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department developed the boulder park with two wooden climbing structures to provide “access to climbing for anyone and everyone.”

There’s no favoritism either, as Terra Firma Bouldering Co., Inside Moves, and Higher Ground Rock Climbing Centre are partners helping ensure the Grand Rapids climbing community sticks together and continues to grow.

The Grand Rapids Boulder Park offers a free place to experiment with climbing, particular the subset known as bouldering, which helps provide an easy and free way to try out the sport.

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