Ridiculously good Mediterranean

Sheshco Mediterranean Grill's Shish Kafta, with a side of grilled vegetables, accompanied by pita bread and a 'ridiculously good' garlic dip. Photo by Katy McAvoy.

Tucked away in the Knapp’s Corner strip mall next to Celebration Cinemas North is one of Grand Rapids’ culinary treasure troves: Sheshco Mediterranean Grill. Sheshco is a long-time favorite that I hadn’t been back to since the pandemic. This was like catching up with an old friend.

Accompanied by comedian, actor, and foodie extraordinaire, Joe Anderson, (be sure to check out a show at his club The Comedy Project!) and his good pal, Eric Klingensmith, we braved the Celebration Cinema strip mall lunch hour traffic and arrived at Sheshco, our “Mediterranean Mecca in Movie- land.”

As soon as you enter, the first thing you’ll notice is Sheshco’s distinctive ambiance and décor. The place has an extremely chill, calming vibe, putting us all in the mood to relax and have some fine eats. Their service is always attentive and friendly. The extensive menu features a range of Middle Eastern favorites such as shish kabob, falafel, ghallaba, and more.

I must confess to an addiction: the free pita bread and garlic sauce they have on the table when you are seated. The sauce is so ridiculously good that you could honestly get full just eating the bread with it. I have to restrain myself every time from scarfing it all down, gotta save some room for the entree!

But as a certified soup fiend, I had to also indulge in a cup of lentil soup. Lentil soup can often be bland, so let me assure that Sheshco’s in anything but! Their lentil soup has a great rich flavor, complimented by a lemon slice for a perfect kick of citrus.

For my main course, I ordered Shish Kafta, which consisted of two skewers of deliciously seasoned kafta meat. With the entrees, your side options are either rice, fries, or my pick, grilled veggies. The kafta was insanely flavorful, and the veggies grilled to perfection.

Eric chose the Shish Tawook Sandwich, marinated chicken rolled with garlic and pickles. Joe also went with Shish Tawook, but got the entree instead of the sandwich. He gave me a sample. I don’t always love chicken, but the magical synergy of spices won me over. This was chicken done extremely right.

On Joe’s recommendation, we ordered a side of hummus to go with our entrees. He didn’t steer us wrong: possibly the best hummus I’ve ever had, and great for dipping my grilled veggies in after my kafta skewers were long gone. The three of us were more than satisfied with our lunch dining experience.

All in all, you can’t go wrong at Shescho, no matter what you order.
So catch a movie and then have a Middle Eastern feast at Sheshco Mediterranean Grill, a true Grand Rapids gem.


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