Kroc Center Fitness Manager Shares Tips for New Year’s Resolution Gym-Goers

Kroc Center offers spin class
Kroc Center offers spin class

Start realistic, start safe, but just start: Q and A with Ronnie Frelix, fitness manager at the Grand Rapids Salvation Army Kroc Center, 2500 Division Ave. S.

GR|MAG: What makes the Kroc unique in terms of fitness offerings in Grand Rapids?

Ronnie Frelix: Aside from the variety of state of the art equipment, it’s the people at the Kroc that make for a great community environment to workout in. We are committed to serving the physical, mental and spiritual needs of our members and guests.

GR|MAG: Can you share more about specific types of fitness offerings and who they would be best suited for?

RF: We have personal training, group exercise and six-week program classes for members and guests of all ages and fitness levels. Offerings range from our pre-ballet and dance classes to our Zumba and senior yoga group exercise classes. Whether interested in weight management, nutrition, strength training, recovering from injury, or just looking for an avenue to be more active, we have something for you.

Kroc Center offers pilates along with several other fitness classes to help you meet your New Year's resolution fitness goals.
Kroc Center offers pilates along with several other fitness classes to help you meet your New Year’s resolution fitness goals.

GR|MAG: What advice would you offer people making fitness-related New Year’s resolutions?

RF: Start with a goal and a plan, start realistic, start safe, but just start.

GR|MAG: When and how did you get into fitness?

RF: I played sports growing up and enjoyed being physically fit. Over the years, my interests evolved from being an athlete and trainer to working as a more well-rounded health professional and expert in wellness.

GR|MAG: How do you stay fit today? What does your routine look like? Has it changed over time?

RF: Eating healthy is the number one component of maintaining my health today and because I like to explore a variety of physical goals, being mindful about what I put in my body allows me to start off in a good place no matter what my interests are in the moment. Resistance training, mobility and conditioning work are usually components I throw into a routine a couple of hours a week to stay active and fit.

GR|MAG: Does the Kroc offer any promotions we should know about for January?

RF: There are a number of membership discounts and fitness promotions to keep you engaged and motivated heading into the New Year. We have a number of resources to help keep you on track as well. Please visit us online to learn more about our great services and upcoming events.

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