8 Local Gyms with Exciting Ways to Break a Sweat

Higher Ground rock climbing & bouldering gym.
Higher Ground rock climbing & bouldering gym.

With the temperature dropping and seasons changing, most people are looking to move their workouts indoors. Luckily, there’s a wide selection of gyms in the area offering fun and different ways to get your sweat on this winter.

Fit Body Boot Camp

Have trouble staying motivated and working out alone? Fit Body Boot Camp offers group workout classes that focus on personal training and fat burning exercises. These 30-minute workouts are high energy, full of teamwork and comradery, and they always offer something new so your fitness routine will never be mundane.

CKO Kickboxing

Grab a pair of boxing gloves and check out CKO Kickboxing gym. Kickboxing classes are one hour long and they are proven to burn more calories than many other forms of cardio. Not to mention, they also help to relieve stress. Tone your body and recharge your mind while punching and kicking it out at CKO.

Funky Buddha Yoga

Every yoga class at Funky Buddha is taught in a studio that is kept at 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Class offerings include power flow sessions for a quick-paced, full-body flow, and slow flow sessions for a more relaxed workout with a focus on stretching and refreshing your muscles. Whether you choose power flow or slow flow, you’re sure to get your sweat on in this steamy studio.

RockFit Ninjas

Do you have a dream of being on the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior someday? RockFit Ninjas offers obstacle training and full body strengthening in its gym that offers the same challenges as seen on TV. RockFit has classes and programs for all ages and levels of experience, from kids 5 years old to adults.

Studio Barre

Rally your girlfriends and sign up for a booty-kicking workout at Studio Barre. These 60-minute barre classes incorporate resistance bands, a ballet barre, exercise balls, light hand weights and your own body weight to tone and strengthen your muscles. This full body challenge comes with dance music and bright lights to make your workout fun and fast.

8th Day CrossFit

See how much your body can do with strength and conditioning training at the 8th Day CrossFit gym. CrossFit gyms are known for their sense of community and every day comes with a different WOD (workout of the day). 8th Day CrosffFit said its WOD’s are “strategically designed and scientifically backed” to train your muscles and work your aerobic system for a well-rounded exercise.

Higher Ground

If you’re not afraid of heights and you’re up for a challenge, try out Higher Ground rock climbing gym. Climbing is a great way to test your upper body strength and it actually tones your entire body. This is a fun activity that can be done with a group of friends. Grab a few buddies and get climbing; it won’t even feel like working out.

The Dailey Method

If putting your bike away for the winter gets you down, take a cycle class at The Dailey Method. These hour-long spin sessions do more than just a traditional bike ride, they incorporate upper body strengthening and cardio bursts to make the most of your workout. The Dailey Method also offers barre classes and interval training so you can switch up your workout routine.

Try something new this winter to beat the blues, curb the comfort food and stay warm!

*Main photo courtesy of Higher Ground

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