Marie Catrib’s Cookbook in the Works


While you won’t be able to grab a table or takeout any longer, there is hope you might once again get to enjoy your favorite dish from Marie Catrib’s.

Though the restaurant served up its last meal this past Saturday, closing its doors for good after nearly 14 years in business, owner Fouad Catrib announced on Facebook that he is working on creating a Marie Catrib’s cookbook.

In his post, Catrib said the cookbook will include the “story of my mother Marie, the restaurant both here and in Houghton, the stories behind the food, pictures, many recipes, and illustrations on how to create each recipe.”

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Fouad Catrib’s mother founded the restaurant and managed it until her death from cancer in 2013. The restaurant was known for its vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free offerings inspired by the family’s Lebanese heritage.

Catrib said anyone interested in purchasing the cookbook should contact him through Facebook. He also requested photos from patrons. “If anyone has any pictures that they would like to share regarding the restaurant for me to possibly put in the book it would be great if you could send them in your email to me.”

*Photo courtesy of Marie Catrib’s

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