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Exploring the trending lash and brow designs
A client of Siren & Proper undergoes a procedure. Photo by Ashley Wierenga.

The world of creativity has far-reaching, sometimes unexpected outlets and while what comes to mind when imagining the design scene might not be your own face, that’s exactly what the lash and brow industry brings to a thriving Grand Rapids scene.

Owner Christina Lynn Perez has two Siren & Proper locations; Ada and downtown at 217 Cesar E. Chavez Ave SW, Grand Rapids. Photo by Ashley Wierenga.

Christina Lynn Perez, owner of Lash Lounge and Brow Bar, Siren & Proper, likens it to the same artistry of other beauty industries: “It’s like contouring with makeup, only this is something you don’t have to wash off and reapply every day. And it’s lifting and brightening your expression without injectables.”

Siren & Proper was early to the growing industry, opening in 2014 as Grand Rapids’ first Lash Lounge and Brow Bar and quickly becoming a West Michigan powerhouse. Founders Christina Lynn Perez and KL Christoffersen started with small scale services at Cheeky Strut hair salon and saw the energy that was building behind the industry. They took a chance opening Siren & Proper which paid off big time, with eyelash and eyebrow beauty services skyrocketing in popularity in the last decade.

Lash and brow services include various options, from lash extensions to eyebrow shaping and tinting, which can help enhance your appearance (and confidence!), much like haircuts or highlights, on a more intimate level.

Shelby Tolan, who got her start as an artist at Siren & Proper and now owns local Checked Out Lash & Brow Co., notes, “For me, the most important aspect of being a lash and brow artist is the feeling of fulfillment after you watch a client fall just a little bit more in love with themselves and knowing you helped them get there.”

If what comes to mind when thinking of lash and brow services is heavily tinted eyebrows or XL lashes that seem “fake,” I implore you to take a closer look.

“Lash extensions have become a way of life for busy moms, nurses, and doctors,” Shelby notes. “The ease of waking up and having an enhanced natural look without applying any makeup has changed the original high maintenance label on lash extensions making them a great option for low maintenance women too.”

Much like any other personal style, the right fit can be tailored to be as unique as you— subtle shapes or tints that enhance natural beauty or more glam, dramatic looks that make a statement.

If (like many) your 2024 resolutions involve more self-care and creativity, treating your lashes and brows to a day at the salon might be exactly the experience you’re looking for.

2024 Trend Predictions:


LASHES: More relaxed curls, “fox” or “eyeliner” shaped lash sets

BROWS: A “straightish” looking brow, where the tail sits higher than the beginning, helping to elongate the face.


LASHES: Brown lashes for a more subtle look and a “wet” look for lashes typically using a lighter diameter lash without a fanning technique which creates a wet, darker, and denser look opposed to your typical classic extensions.

BROWS: Staying big and bold! Brow laminations will continue—they can transform a thinner basic brow into a thicker brow with a lot more texture.




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