Pop-Up Meditation Classes Now Offered At The Dailey Method

Molly Vetter, of b meditation studio
Molly Vetter, of b meditation studio

Molly Vetter, meditation teacher and owner of b meditation studio, is offering a 25-minute pop-up meditation class called Rest and Reset at The Dailey Method in Eastown.

Every Tuesday night at 7:20 p.m., participants focus on their breath and a mantra in a guided meditation, as Vetter believes guidance is needed when learning to meditate, especially for beginners. “I don’t want people to feel lost,” she said. “If you are new, you need guidance rather than being expected to sit and know how to meditate.”

Vetter was a long-time meditation practitioner when she moved to West Michigan five years ago. After not finding a studio in the area, she was encouraged by friends and family to open her own. She then trained with Transformation Meditation, which she describes as an eclectic program that taught her “the best of different modalities.”

b meditation studio was the first meditation studio to open in West Michigan but after a little over a year in Gaslight Village in East Grand Rapids, Vetter, who is also a life coach, explained that she decided not to renew her lease and will now focus on offering private and pop up classes.

While she admits that meditation is often offered as part of yoga classes, Vetter believes that meditation doesn’t have to require a workout or even that one is physically fit. “I want people to come as they are. It doesn’t matter what your lifestyle is. You can even be type A…the practice can always be tailored to you.”

People often ask Vetter if her approach is religious in any way and she explains that it is not. She focuses on overall health and wellness, and a mind-body connection that students can take anywhere.

“The beauty of teaching meditation is that I know my students can eventually practice it daily, on their own,” she said.

Rest and Reset Meditation is included in Dailey Method membership. Drop in rates are $15 per session. Participants can simply show up or can sign up online.

The Daily Method is located at 1551 Wealthy St SE.

*Photo courtesy of b meditation studio

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