Fitness Studio Provides Support Outside of the Gym

FLEXcity Fitness
FLEXcity Fitness

Co-owners and founders Jenny Quinn and Trista Parisian started FLEXcity Fitness in January of 2012. Their vision was to create a place for people to workout in a big city at an affordable price and to create workouts that would meet anyone at any level of fitness, helping every person achieve their personal best.

“What sets FLEXcity apart from other gyms and fitness communities is that FLEX is more than just a gym, it is a lifestyle,” Quinn said. “Our mission is to help our clients feel good, look good and perform their best in all areas of their lives.”

FLEXcity Fitness owners Jenny Quinn and Trista Parisian.
FLEXcity Fitness owners Jenny Quinn and Trista Parisian.

Sweat, Stretch, Repeat!

FLEXcity incorporates various techniques into its fitness classes to create effective HIIT workouts for all fitness levels from beginner to advanced members. It has developed a signature workout, called FLEX56, which was developed to make exercise fun. All FLEX56 classes are lead by an instructor and alternate between cardio and strength training.

In an effort to mix things up and keep exercise exciting, FLEXcity structures its schedule in a way that lets clients come in every day of the week and experience something different every time.

“Our motto is flex, sweat, stretch, repeat,” explained Parisian. “Flex to challenge and change your body. Sweat to increase your stamina. Stretch to improve your flexibility, and then repeat to create a healthy you.”

FLEXcity focuses on cardio and strength training workouts.
FLEXcity focuses on cardio and strength training workouts.

Beyond the Gym

Fitness and wellbeing go beyond the gym for FLEXcity clients. To lead a whole and balanced life, Quinn and Parisian recognized the need for clients to take healthy habits home.

The pair teamed up with Ashley Walterhouse, founder of Fit Mitten Kitchen–a healthy food & lifestyle blog, to create seasonal FLEXfit Kitchen Guides with healthy cooking recipes and clean eating tips.

“The goal of the 28 days is to jumpstart your metabolism and help you create long-term habits,” said Quinn. “We don’t use the word diet, because that implies you will be doing something for a short period of time.”

The guide includes different breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options for every day of the week, made with ingredients and nutrients designed to help clients feel good.

Another take home service offered is home workouts. These are designed with cardio and strengthening techniques that clients can do anywhere and on their own, requiring little to no equipment. These take-home workouts help clients to maintain their fitness schedule on days when they are unable to make it into the gym for a workout.

These take-home practices are what make FLEXcity cross the line from gym to lifestyle. Quinn and Parisianreally want their clients to get more than a generic gym experience. “At FLEXcity, you get everything you need in a one-stop shop,” Quinn said.

Pineapple BBQ Pork Lettuce Wrap from FLEXcity's spring/summer kitchen guide.
Pineapple BBQ Pork Lettuce Wrap from FLEXcity’s spring/summer kitchen guide.

Fitness For Everyone

FLEXcity is a place where everyone is welcome. Parisian explained that FLEX is “non-comparative and non-competitive.” The atmosphere is one of camaraderie and teamwork, uniting like-minded individuals to inspire and encourage each other to live their best lives.

“We want to offer the best of the best fitness techniques and create workouts that allow all ages and all fitness levels the opportunity to achieve their optimal overall health,” Parisian said.

Visit FLEXcity Fitness to learn more about the gym, sign-up to try out a class, and keep up with their events. FLEXcity Fitness is located at 629 Michigan Street NE. Quinn and Parisian are certified personal trainers with degrees in exercise physiology, health promotion and kinesiology.

*Photos courtesy of FLEXcity Fitness

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