Cannabis company introduces new terpene-focused brand

Courtesy Fluresh

Michigan-based cannabis grower and retailer Fluresh released a new, plant-forward brand — Carbon by Fluresh.

Carbon by Fluresh uses high-touch propagation techniques and grows unique cultivars, which seek to produce the highest terpene levels in the Michigan cannabis market.

The brand includes 1/8-ounce jars of flower and three textures of live resin concentrates with varying strain and product availability, which have started to become available at retailers throughout the state.

“Carbon by Fluresh is grown, harvested and extracted with special care, and we combine established cultivation and extraction techniques with state-of-the-art grow facilities,” said Bob Schwartz, vice president of cultivation. “Carbon by Fluresh respects the plant at every step of the process, and we want to emphasize to consumers that there is more to quality cannabis than just THC. For example, our process allows us to focus on terpenes, which are a vital part of your experience but often overlooked.”

Carbon by Fluresh uses state-of-the-art technology to provide an optimal growing environment, and the product is hang-dried whole for 14 weeks. Longer dry and cure time allows for the flower to produce optimal moisture levels, which help produce a less harsh, thick and milky smoke, and the product always is hand-trimmed.

To emphasize terpene preservation, concentrates are created using hydrocarbon extraction, which produce high-quality concentrates from whole plants that are flash frozen at peak potency, maximizing flavor and aroma.

“Most consumers are hyper-focused on THC potency, and while THC is important, terpenes, as well as cultivation methods, play an even more vital role in the total sensory experience,” said Nic Hernandez, general manager of the Fluresh Provisioning Center in Grand Rapids. “Helping consumers understand their preferred terpene profiles will help them find the strains that they enjoy most and that best fit their needs.”

Carbon by Fluresh flower jars are made from recyclable glass and are double-sealed to lock in freshness. Both products are available in strains such as Apple Tartz, Orange Creamsicle and Rainbow Zlz.

Suggested retail pricing ranges from $50-$60 for jars and $55-$65 for live concentrates.

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