MoKAYA Chocolate Boutique Expands for Sweeter Customer Experience


Grand Rapids is about to get a whole lot sweeter! MoKAYA chocolate boutique is expanding its space with plans to host events, roll out a new dessert menu, and offer customers a tastier experience!

Since it opened its doors in 2016, MoKAYA has been a work in progress. The owners deliberately chose a smaller storefront to start selling their handcrafted chocolates and desserts, but as the demand for their product escalated, they quickly outgrew the space.

“We ran into production issues and not being able to keep up with product demand,” said Max Golczynski, general manager. “So when the space next door became available we jumped on it.”

MokAYA chocolates
MoKAYA chocolates

The expansion will not only open up space for production, but it will also offer a new area for customers to sit and enjoy their chocolatey treats. After expanding, MoKAYA will feature a new plated dessert menu only available for seated customers who choose to dine in, and eventually, a new lunch menu will offer customers savory foods throughout the day.

In addition, the expansion opens up the possibility for MoKAYA to host more events. In the past, it’s hosted five-course dinners with chocolate at each course, beer tastings and wine tastings with chocolate accompaniments, bonbon baking classes, and more. MoKAYA is eager to host more events and accommodate more people with the added space.

Renovations are currently underway, with construction expected to be completed by the end of August 2018.

MoKAYA is located at 638 Wealthy St SE.

*Photos courtesy of MoKAYA

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