Drinks with Pat

A few weeks ago, I mentioned Cork & Fork at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island.

Drinks with Pat: Popular vs. trendy

Over the years, I’ve had the pleasure of tasting some delicious beers from St. Louis-based Schlafly Beer.

Drinks with Pat: Attributes of alchemy

Before Atwater Brewery opened its location in Grand Rapids, I ventured over to Detroit to chat with then-owner Mark Rieth to see what it was all about for Grand Rapids Business Journal.

Drinks with Pat: The subtlety of the craft

One of my favorite breweries in the area is Cedar Springs Brewing Co.

Drinks with Pat: The ol’ oat soda

Today is International Beer Day — yes, yet another made-up holiday that encourages us to drink or eat more.

Drinks with Pat: Locality matters

One of my favorite things about the world of food and beverage is terroir.

Drinks with Pat: Reinventing the flavor wheel

There’s an argument that Woodford Reserve is one of the first true craft distilleries.

Social Misfits, Naughty Bettie to host brunch and burlesque event

A downtown Grand Rapids eatery has teamed up with a local lingerie boutique to take dinner theater to a new level.

Drinks with Pat: A never-ending journey

The craft beer scene in West Michigan was completely different in the mid-90s.

Drinks with Pat: The flavored whiskey boom

This week, a pretty cool whiskey brand founder was in town.

From Heritage Hill to pickleball, we’ve got it all

Somehow, we’re deep into summer 2022. How did that happen?

Drinks with Pat: Not your dad’s ice cream

It’s summertime, and sometimes there’s nothing better on a hot, humid evening than a scoop of ice cream.

Drinks with Pat: Women and Whiskey

There’s a really cool whiskey event in Grand Rapids this weekend.

Drinks with Pat: Hey, that’s my friend Collin!

A year or so ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram, as a millennial is apt to do, and I saw my childhood friend Collin O’Brien rocking out on drums.

Drinks with Pat: Five years of Thornapple

Shortly before leaving for Las Vegas in 2017, I shot a segment of "Beer Beat with Pat" on WZZM 13 at Thornapple Brewing Company, at 6262 28th St SE in Grand Rapids.

Drinks with Pat: Going down to Indy

Last weekend, I went to the Indianapolis 500.

Drinks with Pat: The road not taken

One of my more vivid memories as an adult, for a reason I’ll never be able to understand,  is sitting at a bar in Louisville with Long Road Distillers founders Jon O’Connor and Kyle Van Strien.

Drinks with Pat: From the archives

One of the reasons I fell in love with beer was the stories around it.

Drinks with Pat: A blissful summer

This week, I caught up with Grand Rapids Mayor Rosalynn Bliss.

Do medical professionals finally get a break?

The past two-plus years have been incredibly difficult for everyone.




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