New moniker for music venue

    Photo courtesy of Studio C

    A popular downtown music venue that boasts a world-class sound system and 200 seats has announced a name change.  

    Stuido C, which owns movie theaters, dining and event spaces, is changing the name of its state-of-the-art music venue, Listening Room, to Midtown, located at 123 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids.

    “We are excited by a new name that creates more spaciousness to welcome full bands enlivening the house with rock, jazz, bluegrass, world music, and everything in between. We have also been thrilled to include other live entertainment, including: stand-up comedy, improv and dance, as well as multi-media events and speakers,” said Midtown’s manager Quinn Mathews.

    In addition to providing quality sound for audiences, the venue is a recent recipient of “Best Green Room” award for its care for touring artists while off-stage.

     “We are committed to being a favorite venue for performers and audiences alike,” said Matthews. “Music sounds its best here, and there is an almost magical potential for a direct encounter. Incredible moments happen in this space.”

    The upcoming artist lineup includes shows from Mark Lavengood, Josh Rose, Rachel Davis, In the Valley Below, Glen Phillips, River City Improv and “A Winter’s Tune” returns on December 4, with a mix of collaborations from Michigan singer-songwriters. New Year’s Eve will feature two shows from comedian Steve Hofstetter.

    Midtown will continue to provide in-seat service of specialty drinks and cocktails. For more information visit the Midtown website.

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