City lights up for MBC awareness

    Photo provided by Clark Communications

    Grand Rapids has joined a national campaign to bring awareness to the devastation caused by metastatic breast cancer. 

    On Oct. 13, more than 200 landmarks across all the U.S., in all 50 states –  and some in Canada and Ireland, too – will glow teal, green and pink, as part of the #LightUpMBC campaign. 

    “I volunteer for METAvivor (a nonprofit that exclusively funds Stage 4 MBC research) because I am personally affected by metastatic breast cancer (MBC),” said Michigan Ambassador to the #LightUpMBC campaign, Allison Bannister.  “Mayor Rosalyn Bliss has graciously issued a proclamation making October 13 Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day in perpetuity. The West Michigan community is thankful for her advocacy.”  

    While pink has long been synonymous with early stage breast cancer awareness, pink alone does not resonate with the advanced stage MBC community. Designed and trademarked by METAvivor, the tri-color ribbon of teal, green, and pink symbolizes hope, immortality, healing and spirituality.

    The annual global landmark campaign to shine a light on the importance of awareness and funding for metastatic breast cancer research is now in its fourth year.    

    Grand Rapids landmarks participating in the Light Up campaign are: McKay Tower, The Blue Bridge, Gallery Parking at the former UICA and Amway Grand Plaza.

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