Rehab hospital offers chiropractic care

Dr. Tom Fowler adjusts a patient. Courtesy Mary Free Bed

Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital now offers chiropractic services as a new treatment option for patients.

The hospital said this holistic approach to care will provide patients with ways to manage and prevent pain without medications or surgery.

For this new service, Dr. Tom Fowler joined the Mary Free Bed staff as part of the outpatient Spine Center team. Fowler is board-certified in rehabilitation by the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board.

“We have seen that there is a need and people have requested chiropractic services (at Mary Free Bed),” Fowler said. “We wanted to help fulfill that need.”

Those eligible for this type of care include people who experience back and neck pain, headaches, disc injuries, hip and leg pain, sciatica and arthritis.

Patients beginning chiropractic care at Mary Free Bed can expect an initial evaluation to assess symptoms and complete a physical examination. Treatment will include chiropractic adjustment, postural education and recommendations for a home exercise plan.

Samantha Crossley, a Mary Free Bed employee, started to use the chiropractic services to help relieve chronic migraines. Treatment has been “immensely helpful,” she said.

“I carry all of my stress in my neck, which causes me to have a lot of headaches,” Crossley said. “Adjustments from Dr. Fowler help alleviate that, and I’ve noticed that chiropractic care is good for my whole body.”

Chiropractic care at Mary Free Bed can be a patient’s main treatment or part of a broader rehabilitation plan.

The service is covered by most insurance plans, and patients can refer themselves for care.

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