Fifth Third River Bank Run Offers Top 10 Tips for Winter Training

This year's Fifth Third River Bank Run is scheduled for May 12.
This year's Fifth Third River Bank Run is scheduled for May 12.

Ever since she volunteered in 1987, the Fifth Third River Bank Run has become a part of Lauralee Mathieu’s identity. Now working as the operations director for the run, Mathieu manages all the operational aspects, such as planning the event and course layout and overseeing the setup, safety, and security for the race.

However, her favorite part of working this run is the people she gets to meet and work with, some of whom have been working alongside her since the very beginning.

Now in its 41st year, the Fifth Third River Bank Run attracts individuals from all over the world to compete in the largest 25K road running race in the country. With three monthly training events and detailed training schedules that range from a 5K walking program to a 25K running program, there are multiple free and fun ways to prepare for this event.

No matter what race you decide to train for, it will be a challenge. Luckily, Mathieu shared her top 10 training tips with GR|MAG so everyone can achieve their personal best and properly prepare for the Fifth Third River Bank Run this winter season:

This year's Fifth Third River Bank Run takes place Saturday, May 12.
This year’s Fifth Third River Bank Run takes place Saturday, May 12.

Tips for Winter Training

  • Wear bright clothes with reflective properties – make yourself visible, especially if you run early in the mornings or after the sun sets at night.
  • Dress 20 degrees warmer than the actual temperature – you should be slightly cool when you start.
  • Watch for ice – go slow and be careful.
  • Perform warm-up exercises inside before you head outside.
  • Listen to your body – if anything does not feel right, check with your physician. Not only could injury hinder your training, but if left ignored, it could lead to something worse.
  • Join a running group to stay motivated.
  • Find a balance that fits your schedule – let yourself have rest days and add a type of cross-training into your routines, such as swimming, biking, rowing, or yoga.
  • Fuel your body with pre- and post-workout snacks. Pre-workout snacks should contain carbohydrates and a little bit of protein to keep your energy up and your blood sugar at an optimal level, such as a piece of whole grain toast with almond butter. Post-workout snacks should include carbohydrates, protein, and some healthy fats to help your body recover, refuel, and support muscle growth, such as scrambled eggs with beans and veggies.
  • Remember to hydrate – you may not sweat as much in these chilly temperatures, but it is still possible to become dehydrated in the winter.
  • Plan ahead for the big day and visit the Fifth Third River Bank Run’s website for registration, parking, and expo information. You can also sign up for their eNews to stay updated on additional health and fitness details as the event draws closer.

Make it a Lifestyle

Although Mathieu encourages the entire community to participate and check out the variety of volunteer opportunities for the Fifth Third River Bank Run, the most important thing for everyone is “to build a healthy lifestyle.”

Remembering these tips will not only assist you as you train for the Fifth Third River Bank Run but also help you develop healthy habits for life and keep you feeling safe, motivated and strong.

The Fifth Third River Bank Run takes place Saturday, May 12. Don’t forget to register and stay informed about race news.

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