Author: Megan Sarnacki

Megan Sarnacki is a freelance writer with a degree in communications and a love for all things adventure, culture, and entertainment.
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The Hero Foundation collects Christmas gifts for families in need during the holiday season.

The Hero Foundation Offers Families Relief During Holiday Season

As the holiday festivities begin, The Hero Foundation wants to remind the community not every family is lucky enough to afford Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas presents let alone pay for everyday necessities. Families coping with cancer are not only concerned with the emotional aspects of the disease, but they must deal with the financial side effects of cancer as well.

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Grand Rapids Comic Con. Photo by Jacky Petters Photography.

Grand Rapids Comic Con Returns to Connect with the Community

From Nov. 9-11, Grand Rapids Comic Con returns to DeVos Place with a variety of events and programming, including a vending hall, fan panels, costume contests, film screenings and art shows. Back in 2006, though, it was only an idea. While attending a toy show in Pittsburgh, Mark Hodges, co-owner and event director of Grand Rapids Comic Con, contemplated if it was possible for Grand Rapids to have its own comic book-style convention.

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Arbor Circle launching Host Home Program to help homeless teens find stability.

Arbor Circle Tackles Youth Homelessness with Host Home Program

“Housing is a basic right that everyone deserves,” Andrea Martin, housing coordinator at Arbor Circle, said. Yet, according to Arbor Circle’s website, there are over 3,300 youths who experience homelessness every day in West Michigan. “We want to get the word out so people understand that youth homelessness does exist in their communities even if they don’t always see it,” Martin said.