Summer style

Gina VanTimmeren shares what’s hot this summer.

Gina’s Boutique sits in the heart of downtown along Monroe Center not far from Rosa Parks Circle. This hot spot ensures plenty of foot traffic and browsing for the store, which has been in business for just over 15 years. A second Gina’s Boutique opened in Saugatuck in May 2019.

Gina VanTimmeren, owner of both locations, has had an eye for fashion since she was a teenager watching the television series “90210” and coveting the characters’ clothing. She studied fashion merchandising and design in college and completed an internship in London as part of her studies. “That was really the first time I was exposed to boutiques. I loved the charm and level of service they offered. I guess you can say that is where the dream came alive,” she said.

Gina’s Boutique offers the latest trends from Los Angeles and New York, while also being conscientious of shoppers’ pocketbooks — VanTimmeren said she tries to keep item prices under $100.

VanTimmeren shared some of the trends she expects to see this summer as well as a bit about her own style.

Tell me a little about your personal style. How has your style evolved since opening Gina’s Boutique? Surprisingly, I’m a minimalist. I think people always assume I must have a lavish wardrobe, but I keep it simple. As of late, I find myself going for comfort. I wear a lot of our SPANX leggings and oversized tops. I have a 3-year-old daughter, so I am in a phase in life where I am usually busy playing with her and want to be comfortable. For a date night, my go-to outfit is distressed jeans (my favorite brand in store is our Pistola line), high heels and a fun top or bodysuit.

What is one of your favorite summer wardrobe pieces? A maxi dress. They are easy to dress up or down and you can still run around with the kids in them!

“Clothing is so much more than some people realize. Many items in our closets are a scrapbook of our life.”
Gina VanTimmeren

What is your go-to “stay home, stay safe” outfit or favorite piece you relax in? My go-to comfort outfit is joggers and an oversized hooded sweatshirt I have from my brother, who passed away a few years ago (and) is my favorite piece. It is super cozy and makes me happy to have a little piece of him with me. Clothing is so much more than some people realize. Many items in our closets are a scrapbook of our life.

Any must-have pieces people should look for this summer? I think dusters are great for the summer. They are a great piece to throw on with denim shorts and a tank and also perfect to throw on over your swimsuit. I like anything versatile.

Assuming we get to leave our houses eventually, what are some of the popular styles or pieces you expect to see this summer? Polka dots, pleats, neon, feminine styles, billowy maxi dresses, suiting (shorts with a matching blazer). Also, a push for sustainable garments.

Is there anything else you’d like to add? I would just like to encourage people to shop local when they can. It is more important now than ever. I am honored to serve such an amazing community and there is no doubt that if I make it out of this, it will be because of them.

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