Shop owner shares London ‘vibe’ locally

Gina Van Timmeran talks top style tips after nearly two decades in fashion.
Gina's Boutique owner Gina Van Timmeran (right) makes a sale in her Ada Clothing store in November, 2023. Photo by Isabel Dowell.

Gina Van Timmeran took the leap to open Gina’s Boutique 19 years ago. She credits the lasting journey to hustling, a lot of hard work and a touch of naivety. It’s proven to have paid off, helping women across West Michigan elevate their wardrobe and look their best. A long- time staple, Gina’s Boutique has locations in Ada and Saugatuck.

After finding inspiration in London boutiques during an internship, and with a degree in fashion merchandising, Gina wanted to bring that same charming vibe to the local fashion scene. Gina’s Boutique caters to women’s busy lifestyles with comfortable yet chic pieces that are versatile enough to take you to work, dinners out, movies at home and everything in between.

Gina herself is a multi-faceted powerhouse. Outdoor lover, mom, wife, cockapoo owner, restaurant enthusiast, woman of faith, passionate Pilates goer and margarita aficionado are all titles Gina wears well. But with style playing into another big title of Gina’s life, we sat down with Gina, boutique owner, to get her take on fashion and style this season:

GR Mag: What have you learned about style as owner of Gina’s Boutique?
GVT: Style is not a one-size-fits- all concept. It’s so much more dynamic and a personal journey. People are more likely to feel confident and comfortable when they find clothing that resonates with their personality. I think that’s what makes it so fun! Nothing beats the feeling of helping women feel their absolute best!

GR Mag: How would you describe your personal style?
GVT: Effortlessly chic. I have a soft spot for designer sneakers paired with the perfect jeans. My go-to look often involves a graphic tee and leather jacket. Comfort is key for me; I find myself most at ease in laidback yet fashion- forward styles.

GR Mag: Fashion or industry trend you’re loving right now?
GVT: All the faux leather. I find it to be versatile and I love anything you can style multiple ways. It’s super easy to switch between dressing it up or keeping things laid back. I think we are going to see a little shift away from all the fast fashion and that excites me. People want quality items in their closet that they can wear for seasons to come.

GR Mag: Best style advice?
GVT:  Be true to yourself and what you feel best in. Sometimes getting a fresh eye in your closet can add new perspective. Something you might not like could possibly just need to be styled differently. (Don’t be afraid to bring items in if you are shopping with us. We can always give advice on how to style it). Don’t forget shoes! They really make or break an outfit.

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