Sensational style

On stage or on the street, Bux Dhyne’s style turns heads.
Bux Dhyne in their studio with their most recent work. Photo by Ashley Wierenga

Grand Rapids artist and drag performer Bux Dhyne (they/them) announced earlier this year plans to open the city’s first LGBTQ dry bar and nightclub.

“My aim is to create a space for LGBTQIA+ youth, and people from the sober community (queer or allies). It’s my intention to create a full nightclub feel, just without the booze,” Dhyne said.

Dhyne said they have always been an “odd duck” and that it is nice to have reached a point in life “where I can embrace it and not be ridiculed for my unique fashion or ideas.”

“It feels like it’s taken forever to get to this point and I’m not always on solid ground,” they said, adding, “I have mental health issues that often hold me back, but when I’m all here and on, I feel unstoppable.”

Here, Dhyne talks about their inspiration, fashion favorites and more.

Grand Rapids Magazine: Tell us a bit about your personal style.

Bux Dhyne: My style is completely eclectic. It’s rock ‘n’ roll meets circus clown meets Victorian ruffles and bustles … all covered in glitter. I’m a big fan of bold stripes, high contrast colors, layered textures, with theatrical flair. I like to do bold, unexpected looks when I’m going out. To be completely honest, my home wardrobe is a pretty common 40-year-old’s, leggings and T-shirts, because, also, comfort — LOL.

GRM: How does your personal style differ from your drag style?

BD: It’s 100% the same. Drag just lets me wear some of my crazy looks in public without the side-eye — well, at least when I’m in the environment it’s meant for. It’s still weird to pump gas in full drag.

GRM: When did you first get interested in drag?

BD: I have been interested in drag for as long as I can remember. My favorite movie when I was little was “Victor, Victoria.” I always loved anything that had to do with cross-dressing. Dr. Frankenfurter changed my life when I was about 12 and saw “Rocky Horror Picture Show” for the first time. About four years ago, I saw my first AFAB (assigned female at birth) drag queen and that was it, I started working on the courage to do it myself, and I’ve been at it for about three-and-a-half years.

GRM: Where do you draw inspiration for your style?

BD: Everything around me. I’m an artist and naturally seem to take in visuals like a sponge.

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