Get your home sell-ready

Use these tips to get the best resale value.
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Spring and summer are the busiest seasons for residential realtors in Michigan. Families are eager to take advantage of summer break to sell or buy a home and it’s the nicest time of year to show off your home to potential buyers.

Walter Perschbacher, Greenridge Realty vice president Courtesy Greenridge Realty

“While it is the busiest, spring and summer are also the most competitive times of year to sell,” said Walter Perschbacher, Greenridge Realty VP. “More listings mean more competition — so don’t rule out the other seasons as a good time to make a move.”

If you are looking to put your house on the market this season, Perschbacher said home improvement projects can be “an easy way to increase the listing price and the likelihood that a home will sell quickly.”

But, Perschbacher noted, your first priority before DIY upgrades should be cleaning, organizing and decluttering. Wallpaper removal and fresh paint are always strongly recommended as well. From there, improvements should be focused on your exterior and landscaping, to enhance curb appeal. Your next priority for upgrades and improvements should be in your kitchen and bathrooms.

“While it’s not likely that you’ll receive a full return on the investment — you can recoup between 30-60% for a mid-range update in your kitchen or bath,” Perschbacher said.

Every year the National Association of REALTORS tracks these numbers. Its reporting shows that you will see an ROI of 38% on a minor kitchen upgrade and an ROI of 59% on a complete kitchen remodel. A bathroom renovation will have an ROI of 57%.

“We also see some of the highest returns from adding or refinishing wood floors throughout your home,” Perschbacher said.

4 affordable DIY projects that make an impact

Paint or replace your front door
Curb appeal is vital for making a great first impression on potential buyers. Nothing makes a stronger first impression than your front door.

If your front door is an outdated style, consider replacing it altogether. You don’t have to be a master carpenter to swap an exterior door. There are many affordable options out there and most come pre-hung in weather-stripped frames.

Painting your front door is another easy way to give your home a fresh look. This affordable update can be tackled in a day — but make sure you have a plan.

Update hardware
Replacing knobs and pulls in your kitchen and bathrooms is an easy way to modernize these rooms that are so important to buyers. Make sure to purchase modern styles that match your home décor and maintain some consistency from room to room — don’t use aged bronze fixtures in your kitchen and stainless steel in the adjacent half bath.

Re-caulk in your kitchen and bathrooms
It may not be the most glamorous of DIY projects, but it really makes a difference in these rooms, which again, are so important for resale. Do your research and prep work, but don’t be too intimidated — if you can pipe frosting on a birthday cake, you can caulk!

Paint your unfinished basement
Painting an unfinished basement’s walls and floor in a neutral tan or gray makes the space look crisp and clean. What was once a dark, dingy area will feel welcoming and finished … it will smell better too!

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