Zenned Out Kombucha offers less acidic beverage

Zenned Out Kombucha operates as an e-commerce business, offering wholesaling prices, door delivery and a monthly subscription service. Courtesy Zenned Out Kombucha

Leaving behind the junk food, partying and sleep deprivation of college, friends Matt Hoff and Kyle Manning wanted to start living a more health-conscious life. So, they decided to keep one another accountable by becoming gym buddies.

It was at the gym that Hoff introduced Manning to their favorite post-workout recovery drink.

Courtesy Zenned Out Kombucha

“Kombucha has been a gateway back to healthier living,” Manning said. “It made me aware of what I was consuming, the impact it had on my body and how good your body can feel when you provide it with the nutrition it craves.”

While sweating it out in the sauna, Zenned Out Kombucha was born while Hoff’s and Manning’s entrepreneurial minds were pondering. Aware of the vinegary after-taste of kombucha, Hoff and Manning knew this aspect left some of their friends turned off by the drink. But what if there was a way to craft a recipe without such a strong acidic nature, making it more approachable to the masses?

Hoff and Manning set out to answer that question, and after about six months of trial and error, they discovered a recipe with the right balance. Their secret? “We use a green tea blend, where many others use black tea,” Hoff said. “Because black tea creates a deeper flavor, our green tea blend is more appealing to a wide range of people.”

Focusing on fruit-based flavors, Hoff’s and Manning’s Zenned Out Kombucha also is raw and unfiltered. “Many other kombucha brands use micro-filters to increase their shelf-life; however, this reduces the amount of cultures in the beverage and in-turn reduces the amount of health benefits the consumer receives,” Manning said.

Meeting the needs of the digital world, Zenned Out Kombucha operates as an e-commerce business. It offers wholesaling prices, door delivery and a monthly subscription service, which includes lower prices, free merchandise and complimentary samples of their new flavors.

With the release of Zenned Out Kombucha, Hoff and Manning hope the health benefits of kombucha can steer the community one step closer to finding their own Zen.

“It feels very wholesome to give people a product that can improve their health today, and it genuinely makes me so happy when people reach out and talk about the wonderful things kombucha has done for them,” Hoff said. “Zenned Out Kombucha has not only allowed me to see things holistically, but it has also allowed me to build something bigger than just myself.”

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