Founders to re-release barrel-aged ale

Courtesy Founders Brewing Co.

A cocktail-inspired beverage from a Michigan-based brewery will hit store shelves once again this summer.

Founders Brewing Co. said Wednesday, July 13, it will bring back Highball Drifter as part of its Barrel-Aged Series.

“Call us old-fashioned, but we think you’re going to love this barrel-aged sipper inspired by our favorite bourbon-based cocktails,” the brewery said.

Highball Drifter (11% ABV) presents aromatics of caramel and vanilla, dried fruit and spice with hints of cherry and bitter orange peel.

The beverage originally debuted in August 2021 as the second installment in the brewery’s Bottle Shop Series.

For this re-release, Founders said Highball Drifter now is available in its Grand Rapids and Detroit taprooms on draft and in four-pack bottles.

The beer is expected to hit store shelves in August.

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