Rescheduled: New date, place for yeti hunt

A youngster helps locate yeti tracks on a Kentwood trail. Photo courtesy of City of Kentwood.

UPDATE: Due to weather, the yeti hunt has been rescheduled for Friday, Feb. 2 at Bowen Station Park, 4499 Bowen Blvd. SE. 

Grab your flashlight and head to the Himalayas, er, um Kentwood rather, for the fourth annual yeti hunt. The mythical creature known as the yeti that has its origins in Tibet has escaped and is rumored to be somewhere in the vicinity of Bowen Station Park.

“We’re excited to host the Flashlight Yeti Hunt again this year,” said Val Romeo, Kentwood Parks and Recreation director. “This is a great opportunity for community members of all ages to come together for some winter fun.”

Participants will use flashlights to search for clues that lead to the yeti (a.k.a. “Abominable Snowman”) and his two mystery friends along a mile-long walking path. The adventures promises to be fun for all ages, and unlike his abominable angry counterpart, the likes of which we all know and love from the holiday classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,” the Kentwood yeti is a friendly chap who looks forward to getting in front of the camera. The event will end at the park’s clubhouse, where participants can enjoy warm drinks, light refreshments and a chance for a photo with the yeti.

Highlights of this all-ages event: finding clues along a walking path, warm drinks and photos with the yeti of the hour himself.

“We look forward to seeing who can find the yeti and his friends first,” Romeo said.

The “hunt” takes place Friday, Jan. 26. 5:30 -7:30 p.m. at Bowen Station Park, 4499 Bowen Blvd. SE. General admission is $7 per household. Participants are asked to bring their own flashlights.

To sign up and learn more, visit or call Kentwood Parks and Recreation at 616.656.5270.

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