Doing Business for Generations: Zinger Sheet Metal

A six-part series focusing on small family businesses
David Capestany at Zinger Sheet Metal production warehouse on the afternoon of Friday December 1st, 2024 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Photo by Alfield Reeves.

Zinger Seet Metal deals with sheets of metal used to manufacture heating and cooling duct work to supply contractors working mostly on commercial projects. Zinger has supplied duct work for the Van Andel Institute, the new Spectrum Orthopedic building going up on the East Beltline and 3 Mile Road NE, Grand Rapids Public Schools buildings, and many buildings along the Medical Mile.

Hank and Harold Zinger started Zinger Sheet Metal in 1954, moving from near Marion, Mich., to the Grand Rapids area. The business passed to Nelson Capestany, Hank’s son-in-law, and now Nelson’s son Dave.

“I started working there when I was 12, sweeping and making small parts on the machines,” said Dave Capestany, whose son is doing the same. Capestany points to West Michigan being a great place to raise a family, as well as the strong labor pool and work ethic as benefits to the business into its third generation of leadership.

“Our shop is filled with West Michigan natives and those who are here as first or second generation residents, all with a good, strong work ethic,” said Capestany, who sees growth in the future thanks to Grand Rapids being strategically located within a few hours of Detroit and Chicago.

“We have a reputation for customer service and standing behind our product,” he said. “When you’ve been in business this long, it gives you a long-term perspective. We’re not looking to make decisions that affect us for the next year, but for the next 20 to 30 years.”

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