Asian-Pacific Festival updates name, expands mission

Ace Marasigan Courtesy Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Foundation

The Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Festival is now known as the Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Foundation.

Along with the name change, the organization is expanding its community reach and resources to include training and internship credit hours and after-school programming.

“The Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Foundation is committed to serving our community and sharing our Asian-Pacific culture all year, not just at our annual festival,” Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Foundation founder Ace Marasigan said. “Our vision is to be a bridge between our Asian-Pacific culture and our West Michigan community through awareness, celebration and encouragement.”

The Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Foundation said it wants to acquire an office to serve as a space for operations, training, storage, community programming and fundraising events.

“A new home for the Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Foundation will provide our growing team of volunteers with a central location and allow us to be closer to the communities we serve,” Marasigan said.

The Asian-Pacific festival organizers are incorporating more events, such as a Lunar New Year Celebration, various art exhibitions, Mid-Autumn Night celebrations, Filipino Kamayan events and Asian street food drive-thru events.

“The Grand Rapids Asian-Pacific Foundation is eager to continue hosting the many events that celebrate our cultures while also developing our educational and community engagement programming,” Marasigan said. “We are sincerely grateful for our dedicated team of volunteers and generous sponsors.”

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