Bell’s rolls out darker winter Oberon

    Regular Oberon and Oberon eclipse in a side-by-side comparison. Photo by Jessika Cesilia Perez.

    Oberon fans can now find solace in their favorite wheat ale all year round. The light honey colored summer sipper generally served with an orange now has a new, darker hued cousin, Oberon Eclipse. Released by Bell’s Brewery in September, it’s a similarly noted, but darker ale that will be available from October through March.

    True to its warm-weather counterpart, it’s refreshing, with an orangey twinge, and goes down easy. It’s brewed with orange and coriander (cilantro), with a flavor that “leans on” the wheat to carry the orange’s richness, “balanced with a little bit of sweetness,” according to the Bell’s Brewery website.

    Since introducing Oberon under the name SolSun in 1992, the only other variations have been in a summer variety pack that livened up the beer with flavors like cherry and mango habanero.

    As the summer is barely behind us, some businesses are still pouring the last of the traditional Oberon, so finding Oberon Eclipse on the shelves will be easier than on draft at first. Look for the celestial dark blue packaging. The new winter flavor comes in seven varieties, from a single 19 oz. can to 12-packs available in both the can and bottle variety.

    It can also be found in Bell’s Fall Mix Pack along with Bell’s Big Hearted, Best Brown Ale, and Two Hearted Ale. Use the Bell’s Beer tracker to find out if Eclipse has made it to a shelf or bar near you. Calling ahead is recommended as the tracker can only notify of delivery and does not guarantee availability.


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