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Summer means more sun-soaked skin. As a result, skincare routines—especially those meant for people with rosacea, eczema, acne, sensitive skin, and other conditions—must switch it up now that all the cold weather is gone. Defensive measures like sunscreen and products full of antioxidants are in, while heavy moisturizers (great in frigid weather) can be packed away like winter scarves and coats.

But just what types of products should you use if you want to keep your skincare routine au naturale? Natural sunscreen, for example, can replace chemical-based sunscreens, but oftentimes its zinc-rich formula is hard to blend into skin, leaving behind a white residue. To help explain what products to use this summer for maintaining a natural glow while protecting skin, Patrick Stoffel, owner and head formulator of Fox Naturals Skincare, shares some of his best advice.

From left, Fox Naturals owners Patrick Stoffel and Lucas Klein— purveyors of products formulated with natural botanical extracts. Courtesy photo.

First off, opt for mineral powder sunscreen, still relatively new to the skincare market. “I don’t recommend anything under 30 SPF, especially for those with sensitive skin or rosacea,” says Stoffel. “People with rosacea and acne are already prone to burning and having irritation as it is, so it’s good to go full spectrum.” What he loves about powdered sunscreen is that it doesn’t clog pores because there’s no oil in it. The product is also reef safe and lake safe—it won’t harm wildlife. Plus, it’s refillable and comes with powder and brush. “Just powder your face as you would makeup,” he explains. “As a powder, it doesn’t have as much zinc, so there’s no white cast or shine, something usually left behind with mineral sunscreens.”

Choose the right vitamin C for you. “I love vitamin C,” says Stoffel. “But it’s not
for everyone in all forms.” Fox Naturals sells two types of vitamin C serum. One is for sensitive skin. “I recommend vitamin C because it gives a glow and evens out
skin tone. That being said, vitamin C is still a mild acid, so people with rosacea or sensitive skin should use something like sea buckthorn oil.” This form of vitamin c is milder and doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.

Also be sure to repair your skin in summer. Sun damage can be brutal on skin’s longevity. “We sell a plant stem cell nighttime serum,” says Stoffel. “This is good for summer because it is full of antioxidants and plant stem cells, so it is going to repair your sun-soaked skin after a long day of being outside.” In addition, Stoffel recommends using a sugar scrub in the shower, as it is great for removing dry skin left over from winter. “We tend to get really dry and flaky when seasons change.” Finally, add a moisturizing spray-on toner to your routine. The brand carries a coconut oil-based toner. Stoffel says this can be
used throughout the day to keep your face’s moisture balance in check.

But regardless of what products you use this summer, consistency is key for achieving results.

Having a set routine with three to four steps, where you are cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and protecting is the most important takeaway, says Stoffel. “Our skin is exposed to so much more sun in summer. So, protecting skin and adding preventives, like moisturizers with added antioxidants, is all important.”

Fox Naturals courtesy photo.

Recommended Products

Mineral Powder Sunscreen
Stoffel recommends powder sunscreen as
a better alternative to
the cream zinc-based natural sunscreens on the market. “The powder is easier to apply and can be reapplied throughout the day,” he says. “You won’t find this powder at most shops.”

Aloe & Meadowfoam Hair Milk
For summer high humidity, Stoffel recommends this hair milk. “Put it in hair to help control frizz and repair heat damage.”

Evening Primrose
& Sea Buckthorn Facial Serum Depending on your skin’s sensitivity, sea buckthorn derived vitamin C is the best for evening out skin tone in summer.

Perfume Sugar Body Scrub
Fox Naturals also makes body scrubs made with hydrating oils and fair- trade organic sugar.

Botanical Vitamin
C Serum
Like all its products, Fox Naturals makes its vitamin C serum in small batches. “All our ingredients are Great Lakes sourced or from the Midwest states to reduce our impact, and we do everything in small batch, so while our products sell out a bit quicker, our products are never left sitting on the shelf for a long time.”

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