Restaurant with vibes that ooze cool

The Chop Shop Primehouse house salad. Photo by Jeremy Gonsior.

When it’s an adventure just to find the front door, you know the restaurant is going to be amazing. A friend and I were intrigued when arriving at Chop Shop Primehouse (1862 Ottawa Beach Rd) in Holland. I felt like I was trying to locate a speakeasy bar — a hobby I’ve enjoyed since those became popular again in the last 10 years.

An 8-oz. filet mignon topped with butter. Photo by Jeremy Gonsior.

Minutes later, we walked up the ramp and into the intimate restaurant with seating for just 50 patrons. We were immediately taken to a spacious booth. The restaurant’s vibes ooze cool, trendy, and modern. The back wall has “Chop Shop” spray painted in large letters. Blue, purple, and magenta colors are everywhere to offset the otherwise dark booths. Funky art hangs from the wall. Chill house music is playing in the background at just the right level.

Our waitress, Julianna, arrived and kickstarted a culinary journey we wouldn’t soon forget. She walked us through the menu — steaks, scallops, salmon, crab cakes, soups, salads, and so much more. My friend has a sensitivity to gluten so she even confirmed with the chef which items on the menu my friend could comfortably eat. The service felt like we had the restaurant to ourselves and we were VIPs on top of it.

I ordered the Chop Shop Old Fashioned: Kentucky bourbon, Hoodoo Chicory (an earthy, bittersweet liqueur), sassafras tincture (an herbal extract), chai maple syrup, and applewood smoke. The dark amber drink served with an orange twist was simultaneously smooth, smoky, and funky.

A passionfruit mocktail. Photo by Jeremy Gonsior.

My friend’s mocktail was a tasty, well-presented passion fruit creation.

Soon we were relaxed, laughing, and catching up on all the shenanigans that had already taken place in 2024. The Primehouse atmosphere made it easy to escape life and be truly present with an old friend.

My buddy loved his house salad—especially the orange and radish flavors. I had the bread service which included house-made sourdough and caraway rye bread. In the middle was an herb-fused beef tallow candle with duck dust; it melted around the bread creating quite the experience and taste.

Eventually, it was time for the main attraction. The menu features an 8-ounce filet mignon, 16-ounce USDA Prime Kansas City, 32-ounce USDA Prime Tomahawk, 24-ounce Porterhouse, and 24-ounce dry-aged cowboy cut. We both chose the filet mignon and were delighted when they arrived. They were tender, packed with flavor, and dripping with butter. A big city steak in small-town Holland.

As the night wound down, we were grateful for a fine dining experience this close to home. If you want an unforgettable steak, plan a visit to Chop Shop Primehouse. Just allow extra time to find the front door.

Chop Shop Primehouse is located at 1862 Ottawa Beach Rd, in Holland.



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