Veterans homes recognized this week

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans. Courtesy photo.

June 2 – 8 was just dubbed “State Veterans Homes Recognition Week,” reflecting Michigan’s dedication to those who have served our country. Governor Whitmer made the announcement Monday, June 3. The week is dedicated to celebrating the courage and sacrifice of these veterans and recognizing the hardworking staff who provide them with essential care and support.

“This honor is a reflection on the distinguished heroes we serve and the incredible staff and volunteers who help bring veterans the high-quality care they’ve earned,” said Anne Zerbe, executive director and CEO of Michigan Veteran Homes. “With three unique homes, we’re proud to offer veterans across Michigan an opportunity to live in an extraordinary veteran-centric community with state-of-the-art skilled nursing care.”

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans Grand River Room. Courtesy photo.

And it’s a fitting period to honor the veterans residing in our state veteran homes, as it falls between Memorial Day and the Fourth of July.

“During State Veterans Homes Recognition Week, we uplift the more than 350 veterans living at state veterans homes in Chesterfield Township, Grand Rapids and Marquette and recommit our-selves to having their backs,” said Governor Whitmer. “This week, we should also applaud the hundreds of health care workers who work hard every day to care for our veterans. Together, let’s keep working to ensure our veterans and their families have the resources and support they need to thrive.”

Michigan has demonstrated a commitment to improving the lives of its veterans, service members, and their families through various initiatives. Significant investments have been made to enhance economic opportunities and access to health care. Legislation has been signed to lower costs for families of disabled veterans by eliminating bureaucratic red tape and ensuring spouses can maintain property tax exemptions. Barriers have been removed for veterans seeking commercial driver’s licenses, and a bill was signed to facilitate the entry of service members, veterans, and their dependents into licensed professions.

The statewide outreach campaign, “I Served. I Am a Veteran,” was launched to engage veterans, collect their stories, and connect them to benefits. Furthermore, the veterans’ preference program has been expanded to assist veterans and service members looking to join state government. Educational opportunities have also been improved, with the reinvigoration of the Michigan Veteran Friendly Schools program and the expansion of the National Guard tuition assistance program to cover spouses and dependents, thereby lowering the cost of higher education for military families.

Additionally, efforts to modernize and enhance military facilities in Michigan have been undertaken. This includes advocating for a new fighter mission at Selfridge and securing resources for its modernization, as well as establishing the National All-Domain Warfighting Center at Camp Grayling and the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center. These facilities provide comprehensive training in land, air, maritime, and cyber environments, ensuring that service members are well-prepared for diverse challenges.

There are numerous ways for individuals to show their support for veterans at Michigan Veteran Homes. Volunteering at one of the state veterans homes offers a hands-on opportunity to make a difference, while joining the MVH team provides a chance to deliver exceptional care directly. Additionally, supporters can make lasting provisions in their will, trust, retirement account, or insurance policy, ensuring their legacy benefits veterans. Financial contributions are also welcome and can be made by sending a check directly to each home or through online donations.

Michigan Veteran Homes operates under the Michigan Veterans Facility Authority and is a branch of the Michigan Department of Military and Veterans Affairs and is committed to providing high-quality long-term care to veterans and their eligible family members. The organization oversees Michigan Veteran Homes at Grand Rapids and other veterans homes throughout the stage.

While there are many ways to support veterans at MVH, including volunteering at one of the state veterans homes, joining their team to provide veterans with exceptional care or making provisions in your will, trust, retirement account or insurance policy to distribute a legacy-leaving commitment, you can also support MVH by sending a check directly to each home or donating online.

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