Beer City Open for Pickleball

PIckleball tournament scheduled for July 9–14 at Belknap Park
Beer City Open 2023 file photo. Photo by Anthony Netti.

Hey, local sports fans! Ready for the ultimate midsummer day out? Head over to the Beer City Open in downtown Grand Rapids. With 1200 competitors and the top 90 professional pickleball players in the world vying for $200,000 in prizes, it’s a thrilling event you won’t want to miss! Once again the game’s top players will be coming to GR from more than half of the United States, and more than 10 countries worldwide.

The main venue for the tournament is Belknap Park, 30 Coldbrook St. NE. Spectators are encouraged throughout the event’s duration, and admission is free.

More than 1,000 amateur players will take to the courts all week alongside the pros competing for their respective Major League Pickleball Teams. MLP Team owners include numerous celebrities such as Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, and Eva Longoria.

The Amway Grand Plaza is a top destination for playing pickleball in downtown Grand Rapids, featuring four outdoor rooftop pickleball courts on the available for hotel guests and locals alike. (The courts are reserved for Beer City Open competitors during the tournament; July 9–14.) Courtesy photo.

All of the top players in the world are expected to attend the Beer City Open, including the No. 1 male player in the world— Ben Johns of the Seattle Pioneers, who last played the Beer City Open in 2019; St Louis Shock’s Anna Bright, the No. 2 female in the world, who last played the Beer City Open in 2022; the Dallas Pickleball Club’s JW Johnson, the No. 2 male player in the world who competed in the 2023 Beer City Open; and local pro the Seattle Pioneers’ Andrea Koop who founded the Beer City Open in 2018 with Paul Richards.

Seating is based on “first come basis.” Outside of 20 courts of exceptional pickleball going all day throughout the week there will be local food trucks, Bell’s Brewery and Michelob Ultra beer tents, in addition to a liquor tasting room and countless local vendors.

Celebrate all week with exclusive pickleball-inspired beverages at the Amway Grand Plaza and all of its alluring restaurants and bars.

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