Three StretchLab franchises coming to Grand Rapids area

Courtesy StretchLab

Two local franchisees will bring three locations of a wellness studio that provides customized flexibility services to the Grand Rapids area.

Local couple Jeremy and Diane Barber recently signed a franchise agreement to bring three StretchLab locations to the Grand Rapids market. The locations are expected to come online in the next 18 months.

The addresses for the franchise locations have not been released yet.

Founded in 2015, StretchLab is an assisted stretching brand created to help people through customized flexibility services. It offers one-on-one and group assisted stretching sessions to customers across a broad range of age and fitness levels. StretchLab’s flexologist instructors receive extensive classroom and on-the-job training to become qualified.

Verdine Baker. Courtesy StretchLab

“Grand Rapids is an area full of individuals who prioritize their health and wellness, which is why we feel like it is a great market to expand StretchLab into,” said Verdine Baker, president of Irvine, California-based StretchLab. “We look forward to sharing how beneficial stretching is to all lifestyles of local Grand Rapids consumers with the development of these new studios.”

The company currently has 156 franchise locations and 587 licensed locations.

According to StretchLab, deep stretching is considered one of the most effective ways to decrease pain, lower risk of injury and provide people the ability to perform better at work, in the gym and in everyday life. Its studios utilize TRX MAPS technology, which tracks mobility, muscle activation, posture and body symmetry, to create individually tailored and holistic stretching programs for clients to achieve their wellness goals.

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