Survey: Nearly 2 in 3 Michiganders believe vaccine passports should be issued

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Despite the federal government not mandating COVID-19 passports, 63% of Michigan citizens believe some sort of passport should be given to those who have received the COVID-19 vaccine, according to a study by

Additional results from the survey showed that 42% of people say they would be concerned about personal privacy if vaccine passports were to be introduced, but nearly half would be willing to share their data with pharmaceutical companies if it would help to improve the coronavirus vaccine.

Alaska and New Hampshire tied for the most people who believe COVID-19 passports should be issued at 80%, while Wyoming was last at 17%.

Vaccinations being required for travel is not a new concept, immunization requirements have been in place for years in some countries, requiring foreign travelers to be vaccinated against diseases like yellow fever and polio. Along with international travel being nationally shut down, nearly 1 in 3 people believe interstate travel should be banned for people who have not received their COVID-19 vaccine.

New York recently became the first state to introduce a form of COVID-19 passport called the Excelsior Pass. With the pass, New Yorkers will have a code on either their cellphone or on paper to provide proof that they have either received the COVID-19 vaccine or have recently tested negative for COVID-19.

While many argue that passports are a logical next step in returning to normal activities, the other side of the argument is that individuals who are already at a disadvantage because of certain inequalities could be put at a further disservice by the introduction of COVID-19 passports, according to MyBioSource.

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