Pop Quiz: Where To Find Back to School Fashions?

Ivy Castle will help you stock up on back to school gear.
Ivy Castle will help you stock up on back to school gear.

The boutiques of Hudsonville want to help you say adios to summer.

The assignment: head to the Back to School Bash to stock up on summer deals, new fall items and set the tone for a fabulous new school year. You can thank Alex Snoeyink for this curriculum. She’s the owner of Ivy Castle and she gathered local Hudsonville boutiques for the Aug. 25 Back to School Bash shop hop for a sense of community and because she’s got school spirit (cue shaking pom poms).

Ivy Castle will feature refreshments, an additional 50 percent off sale merchandise, discounts on full-priced items, and it’s hosting a few other vendors in its space. Shop the lightweight, leather earrings from Lovable Lobes and outfit your tiny tribe with children’s apparel from Tootsie Pop Shop. Kristin Bleyenberg Design is showcasing all Michigan-inspired products including decals, apparel and pop sockets for phones.

Another clothing and accessories boutique that’s ready for the fall season is Lou + Marie. While this event certainly caters to outfitting middle and high schoolers and those going back to college, moms certainly have a reason to celebrate too. “Mamas deserve a treat too,” said owner Kirsten Warners. “After all, they survived summer break.”

The shop will have deep discounts on summer clothing, because, let’s face it, the days are still toasty warm in the first few weeks. When it comes to new items, look for popular long-sleeve waffle knit button up shirts, chunky sweaters and more of the ruffle trend.

“We plan on handing out swag bags full of goodies to our first 20 customers and at Lou + Marie it’s always likely you can find a mimosa to sip while you shop,” said Warners.

With fun distractions like that it might be hard to stick to a list so we’ve got a cheat sheet of necessary (and cool) gear to make back to school look good. Other participating shops include Hawthorne Boutique, The Found Cottage and Shefit Apparel.

The Quintessential School Spirit Sweater

Ivy Castle will help you stock up on back to school gear.
Ivy Castle will help you stock up on back to school gear.

Word on the street is that Ivy Castle will carry a mustard striped sweater (also available in a blue and cream color combo) that’s perfect for football games for teens (and moms). According to Snoeyink, mustard yellow is the color for this fall, especially in Hudsonville.

Kristin Bleyenberg Design Decals

Slap on one of Kristin Bleyenberg Design's cool decals to help you identify your stuff.
Slap on one of Kristin Bleyenberg Design’s cool decals to keep track of your stuff.

How are you going to tell your water bottle from another germy kid’s? Slap that super durable (and waterproof) decal on and always know where your sipper is. They’re great for folders, lunchboxes and cell phones too. Moms can sport one on their vehicle, so kids know who’s who in the pick-up line.

Shefit Sports Bra

SheFit's sports bras provide support for any fitness activity.
Shefit’s sports bras provide support for any fitness activity.

The customizable, high-impact sports bra for any cup size will come in handy for a myriad of school sports activities, running, yoga or working out at the gym. When school is in session there’s a lot to remember but the bra’s zip, cinch and lift instructions are an easy lesson to provide the perfect fit.

Head to the Back to School Bash’s Facebook page for additional information.

*Main photo courtesy of Ivy Castle. All other photos courtesy of individual businesses.

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