Let’s Get Muddy

Grand Rapids Mud Run
Grand Rapids Mud Run

Forget about the mud pies of your youth. The Grand Rapids Mud Run is serious about mud: expect to swim mud pits, slip down a 60-foot mudslide, slither through tunnel crawls, and wrangle a slippery hill climb.

While the Grand Rapids Mud Run was the first of its kind in the area nine years ago, race director Kyle Wood says that they aren’t trying to compete with larger conglomerate events like Tough Mudder.

The August 25 event is proud of its local roots and that it funds the nonprofit youth ministry Never the Same. Dedicated to adding unique components each year, the event has added a tetter totter obstacle and a Tropical Smoothie Cafe truck to the 2018 race.

To newbies still considering the race, Wood says don’t think twice. “We like to call our race ‘tough fun,’” he says. “This is a great first race. We hear ‘I can’t even run for five minutes’ from a lot of our participants, but we encourage them to give it a try and sign up so they can’t back out. We love to watch people who say they don’t know what they are doing accomplish by the end of the race.”

Wood also shares that participants have the option to donate their shoes at the end of the race. Model Coverall cleans the muddy shoes, and then the Salvation Army shares them with those in need in the community.

Learn more and register at Grand Rapids Mud Run.

*Photos courtesy of Grand Rapids Mud Run

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