Fashion Recycled

Sadie Rose expresses her personal style with thrift finds.

Sadie Rose, courtesy photos

I caught up with Sadie on one of her last trips home where we discussed fashion.

LE: First of all, how do you self identify? Are you a millennial, generation Z / something else?
SR: My pronouns are she/her. I’m somewhere in between Millennial and Gen Z.

LE: Who is your current fashion idol?
One of my long-time fashion idols is the YouTuber, Bestdressed. From her videos I learned some great ways to alter clothing and to restyle the clothing I already own instead of buying things I don’t need.

LE: How has your fashion sense changed over the years?
SR: Over the years my fashion sense has become less about following trends and more about dressing in ways that make me feel more like myself. I dress in whatever way suits myself and I don’t worry about things being out of style. Popular styles change so quickly so it saves money and is more environmentally friendly to just wear what you like instead
of resorting to fast fashion to keep up with the current trends. I’m also a believer in rewearing outfits. It is so unnecessarily wasteful to only wear an outfit one time. If you love an outfit, wear it as much as you want, no one will notice, I swear.

I definitely find myself being more confident in my fashion choices. I used to avoid wearing certain items of clothing because I felt self conscious about how they looked on my body. I still feel this pressure from time to time, but I’ve learned to be more confident in myself and dress whatever way I’d like. I believe fashion is for every body type and people can rock anything with a little bit of confidence (even if you fake it till you make it).

LE: Where do you do most of your shopping?
I do my best to shop sustainably whenever possible. I think the best way to shop — both affordable and sustainably — is to thrift shop. I have found some of my favorite and most unique pieces of clothing while thrift shopping.

Most clothing ends up in landfills, so it helps so much to give a piece of clothing another life. Also, thrifting can allow you to follow trends without contributing to fast fashion.

Some of my best finds have been from Goodwill or Plato’s closet. If you’re not into sifting through tons of clothing there are some great locally owned second hand shops in Grand Rapids that get the best finds for you. I recommend checking out Zabház or Second Vibess.

I also think craft fairs are a great way to support artists and get some really unique pieces. Commissioning artists to crochet a custom piece is a great way to get something unique and support artists around you.

LE: What inspires you to dress how you do?
SR: As an artist, clothing is another outlet for me to express my creativity. I love to alter my own clothing or make accessories, such as earrings. Also, it just feels so satisfying for me to find an outfit that matches perfectly. I also love mixing different textures in my outfits such as corduroy, lace, velvet, etc. Overall, I just like to have fun with my outfits, and dress in a way that truly represents myself.

Sadie Rose is a Junior at University of California Irvine majoring in Art; Head Curator at Catalyst Undergraduate Art Gallery; Events Director of the UCI Art History Undergraduate Association and a gallery attendant at UCI Art Galleries. Sadie is an alumni of Forest Hills Eastern, class of 2020, and was dual-enrolled at Kendall College of Art & Design.

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