MODRN GR Furnishes Fulton Square

MODRN GR owner Katie Lyons-Church.
MODRN GR owner Katie Lyons-Church.

With the school year just around the corner, you might be feeling like it’s time to redecorate to prepare for more time spent inside. Spend the rest of this summer giving your home a makeover with the help of MODRN GR. Furniture City is preparing to make room in Fulton Square for a contemporary boutique, specializing in the latest trends.

After an unsuccessful search to furnish her home with unique and high-quality furniture and décor options, Katie Lyons-Church decided to design her own modern brand for those also feeling the frustration by the lack of selections around West Michigan. With a background in sales and a love for interior design and meeting new people, Lyons-Church started MODRN GR, a new home furnishing boutique opening in the new Fulton Square development.

MODRN GR is hosting its grand opening party today beginning at 10 A.m.

Inside the world of online shopping, it can be difficult to know for sure what will suit your house best by just looking at a picture on the internet. Because of this, Lyons-Church wants to give her customers an experience that will allow them to use their senses to determine what fits their style.

MODRN GR opens today in the new Fulton Square development.
MODRN GR opens today in the new Fulton Square development.

“We encourage our future friends to come in and see, hear, touch, smell, and sometimes taste what our brand is all about,” said Lyons-Church.

Offering various vintage and contemporary pieces, MODRN GR will carry a diverse assortment of chic home décor items, such as living and dining room sets, artwork, lighting and other home accessories.

Catering towards city dwellers and interior art enthusiasts, MODRN GR hopes to give customers the opportunity to furnish their homes, apartments and condos in their own individualistic way that fits their lifestyle needs.

Even if you’ve never had a knack for interior design, MODRN GR aims to inspire the community through its passion for art.

“We hold a high regard for music, architecture, graphic and interior design, and it shows through our products that we carry. When you walk out the door, we want you to feel like you just met a genuine friend and have become a newfound interior art enthusiast, all while finding the style for your home.”

Stop into MODRN GR and check out the latest trends.
Stop into MODRN GR and check out the latest trends.

With the goal of creating and sustaining lasting relationships with her customers, Lyons-Church knew from the start Fulton Square in Eastown was the place MODRN GR should call home.

“The mix of entrepreneurial spirit of the business owners and the open-mindedness of the residents in this area has completely inspired our shop to not only sell products that the area desperately needs, but to also become a loyal partner by focusing on the diversity and inclusion of this amazing city we all get to live in,” said Lyons-Church.

MODRN GR is located at 1 Carlton Ave. SE in Eastown. It is part of the mixed-use development project of Fulton Square. The boutique is the final retailer to join Fulton Square, alongside two other women-owned businesses, Ada Mae and E+L Salon.

*Photos courtesy of MODRN GR

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