Winter cozy

Five tips for transforming your space for winter.
Lauren Figueroa, principal at Lauren Figueroa Interior Design, offers five tips for transforming your space for winter. Photo by Alyssa Wagner
Lauren Figueroa, principal at Lauren Figueroa Interior Design Photo by Alyssa Wagner

Swap out your planters for woven baskets
White or colorful ceramic planters bring to mind spring and summer; instead, line a large woven basket with a plastic bag and pop in your plants for instant warmth.

Add warm task lighting to your room
Especially if your space has mainly overhead lighting, adding task lights at different levels and locations really warms a space up. Be sure your lightbulbs are warm light versus bright white light, which also will help your space have that cozy winter feel.

Embrace warm wood tones
In winter when our Michigan skies can be gray and stark, opt for warm wood tones in your accent tables, chairs and accessories.

Change up your throws and pillows
Swap out lighter throws and linen floral pillows for chunky blankets and textured pillows. I especially love plaid, thicker knitted blankets and fur or velvet pillows.

Play with winter flavors in scented candles
Scents of baking are a reminder of snug kitchens, family gatherings and holiday treats,
so exchange herbal or fresh flower-scented candles for winter scents like pumpkin pie, cinnamon or vanilla.

Shop the look

Lauren shares some of her favorite pieces to help create a cozy living space in your home
this winter.

Basket set of two, $134; Retreat brass candle, $43; AUSKIN Baby Alpaca throw, $211; Cream colored Azmund floor cushion, $254; Carved geometric lamp, $556; Verona Chanterelle wooden drinks table, $731, all available at Lauren Figueroa Interior Design, Courtesy Lauren Figueroa Interior Design

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