Poll: Michiganders rank New Year’s Day as worst hangover day of year

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After polling 2,800 Michigan drinkers over the age of 21, AlcoholRehab.com, a provider of addiction treatment rehabilitation resources, found that Michiganders ranked New Year’s Day as the worse hangover day of the year.

Michiganders also ranked these days as the worst:

  1. March 18, following St Patrick’s Day
  2. Nov. 27, following Thanksgiving
  3. Dec. 26, following Christmas Day
  4. July 5, following Independence Day
  5. Dec. 25, following Christmas Eve

One in 10 drinkers admitted they have spent the entire day in bed due to a hangover during the holidays.

More than 12% of Michiganders who were surveyed admitted they have tried the “hair of the dog” method, which is to drink away a hangover by consuming more alcohol because hangover symptoms are a result of a sharp spike followed by a rapid drop in a person’s blood-alcohol level. However, that has been proven to be an ineffective hangover cure, according to AlcoholRehab.com.

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