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6 tips for creating a homework spot your kids will love.
Follow the tips below to set your kids up for success. Photo by Werner Straube

Completing schoolwork from home has taken on new meaning this year as children across the state had to set up and finish their spring semesters from home. How do we keep kids encouraged and engaged while completing their schoolwork from home? A thoughtful, organized and personalized homework space can make all the difference.

1If the homework station is tucked into a small niche, consider floating shelves for books. These concealed metal shelves can hold up to 20 pounds and show off your child’s reading personality as if it was art. We used the Umbra set from the Container Store and rotate favorite books to keep them off the floor or from piling up next to the bed.

2 Task lighting for homework is a top priority. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to concentrate in a space that is poorly lit. In this homework spot, we have lighting above the desk in the ceiling and a brighter table lamp. Lamps are a great way to bring in personal style, just make sure the light output is sufficient for reading and writing.

3 Living in West Michigan, the home of commercial furniture, it is not hard to find great vintage office furniture items. Here, we painted a vintage desk in orange and white, then added a classic Eames Shell chair. Mixing history and personalization always makes a space more interesting.

4 Personal expression is so important, especially for kids. A large tack board can be organized with a calendar, goals and artwork. Make sure the board is large and really fills up your wall space. Kids love seeing what they have accomplished pinned up, and it’s easy to change with the seasons.

5 Organization is key in fostering a focused mindset. For some kids, staying organized comes naturally. For others, it’s a skill that needs to be taught and encouraged. Either way, space needs to be carved out to keep essential items close and accessible.

6 Trash and recycling that is easy to access is important for maintaining a clean workspace. If there is room, keeping it hidden in a drawer can help free up knee space under the desk. Kids are so messy and need to be taught how to keep a tidy, clutter-free space.

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