Local production company launches live performance streaming program

Seth Thompson makes adjustments during a production. Courtesy Colvin Theatrical

Grand Rapids-based production company Colvin Theatrical debuts the first installation of its live television streaming-style project, GR Tonight, with a live performance featuring Matty Owen at 7:30 p.m. Saturday.

Spectators can see Owen perform “an evening of raw, emotional music and get to know her on a personal level as the performance delves into the intimate details of her personal journey, her experience as an LGBTQ artist in the Midwest and more,” all in GR Tonight’s studio.

The performance is exclusively online, and tickets are available to purchase at GR Tonight’s Eventbrite page.

Cody Colvin, left, and Nate Hobbs talk during a production. Courtesy Colvin Theatrical

“In my opinion, Matty is one of the most electric performers I’ve seen in the Midwest,” Colvin Theatrical President Cody Colvin said, “and she has amazing stage presence and a beautiful voice. You know she’s popular, she’s well-liked, she has a great story, so it was like a no-brainer. And I applaud her adventurousness to be able to do it with us, so we are very excited to have her.”

The concept for GR Tonight began after Colvin spoke to several different producers from Hollywood about livestreaming. He then got connected with a videographer, audio technician and livestream expert to begin the project. Although the company currently is starting with smaller live performance events, the goal is to eventually work with bigger venues like theaters and concert halls.

“We want to create a live television experience for people online that isn’t just news,” Colvin said. “We also want to create an opportunity for artists to get paid, so part of our structure is that the artists get half the profit, no matter what.”

Colvin said live broadcasts of performances is an untapped business venture, and that because of the potentially unlimited online audience, artistic venues that are currently struggling because of the pandemic can start integrating this type of program and continue providing quality entertainment. Colvin Theatrical also provides a broadcasting service to venues that need assistance.

“We are giving folks the opportunity to put that infrastructure in now and start building those audiences before it’s too late,” Colvin said.

More information on Colvin Theatrical’s broadcasting package can be found on its broadcasting page.

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