Bathroom oasis

Transform your bathroom with these simple tips.
Courtesy Alyssa Wagner

Your primary bathroom should be a place that’s equally beautiful and functional — a space that allows you to escape the stress of the day, detox and relax. But just how do you create a space that allows you to do that?

Good news — I’ve pulled together my top tips for creating a beautiful and functional bathroom oasis, along with a handful of recommended products you can find right in our online shop! Let’s dive in.

Tonal Color Palettes
Subtle, tonal color palettes in a bathroom are perfect to achieve that spa look and feel. These kinds of palettes promote calm, relaxation and peace, whereas bright colors promote energy and excitement.

Decorative Trays
Placing a tray on your vanity to hold essentials helps a space feel less cluttered. Use glass jars for cotton swabs, and always go for a pretty soap container. Pop in a vase of flowers and your bathroom essentials have suddenly become a style statement.

Focal Fixtures
Add some drama with a mini chandelier or classy pendant light over your soaking tub to make the space feel more glamorous and intentional. Don’t forget to be intentional with your vanity lights, as well.

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For artwork, go with something subtle and not too busy — black and white line drawings or a photo/painting of something calming to you are a good place to start. I like subjects like land or seascapes, as well as shots of island towns, beaches or sky.

Contrasting Hardware
I like to mix up the metals in my designs and contrast my hardware with my faucet fixtures and towel holders. This helps a space feel more custom and not so matchy-matchy.

Bath Towels
White, fluffy towels are my go-to for bathrooms — they always bring about that luxe feeling of an expensive hotel or resort. Plus, you can bleach them, so it’s easy to keep that bright white look.

Woven Baskets
Use natural, chunky baskets to store bath and hand towels. The warm sea-grass or cane colors will add warmth, texture and help connect you with nature.

A beautiful rug or runner can add color and pattern without taking over. Notice how this vintage rug (top) complements the classic penny tile without taking away from the overall design.

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