Halotherapy lounge opening in Kentwood


Self-care seekers can relax in a pink Himalayan salt therapy lounge in Kentwood.

Jessica Ann Tyson will open Pink Lounge: Dry Salt Therapy at 4 p.m. Monday at 3105 Broadmoor Ave. SE in Kentwood.

Tyson also is a community philanthropist; founder of The Candied Yam, a Breton Meadows restaurant serving Southern food; and owner of JA PR Group in Kentwood.

She said her goal in opening a halotherapy center — an alternative treatment that is said to help with respiratory conditions such as asthma, chronic bronchitis and allergies — is to help customers “just breathe” amid the stress of this pandemic as they sit in rooms with over $30,000 worth of pink Himalayan salt imported from Punjab, India.

Tyson cited claims that Dead Sea salt and Himalayan salt are known for many health benefits with more than 84 trace minerals. Halotherapy is designed to release “negative ions in salt particles” that contain “anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that purify the air and increase lung capacity,” she said.

“We are looking forward to bringing an affordable, therapeutic and relaxing experience to the community,” Tyson said. “People are asking me why I am opening up a business in the middle of a pandemic. (It’s because) I am an entrepreneur at heart and to my core. I believe the type of services we offer have so much solid research behind them. This business can assist people in so many ways. Many people are so stressed out. To be able to reduce stress … I’m all in.”

Pink Lounge: Dry Salt Therapy will let self-care seekers experience walking on salted floors, relaxing on warm salt beds and meditating while touching warm salt domes. Pink Lounge also will offer pink salt guided meditation therapy and will sell specialty salt products sourced from the Dead Sea of Jordan, including in bulk orders.

There are about 300 “salt therapy caves” in the U.S., and Pink Lounge will be the first in Kent County, Tyson said.

She said the salt, which naturally absorbs bacteria, creates a sterile and safe environment in the era of COVID-19.

Those interested in visiting Pink Lounge are “strongly encouraged” to make appointments in advance at pink-lounge.com.

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