Fashion school sews up backing

Pamella Roland DeVos

A downtown fashion school has received a grant to fund programming for the next five years.

The Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation has renewed its support of Kendall College of Art and Design’s Pamella Roland DeVos School of Fashion.

The grant will enable the fashion studies program to continue to include educational experiences in fashion centers around the world in its curriculum at little or no additional cost to students, ensuring all KCAD fashion studies students can participate, regardless of financial means.

“Fashion in the 21st century is a global industry that’s constantly changing, so if we want our students to be versatile enough to adapt and succeed, it’s imperative that we provide them with opportunities to engage with the industry from as many different angles as possible,” said fashion studies program chair Lori Faulkner.

“There’s no better way than by travel, and we’re incredibly thankful to the Daniel and Pamella DeVos Foundation for continuing to help make these transformative experiences possible for our students.”

The initial gift made in 2013 supported the restoration and renovation of the Woodbridge N. Ferris Building, which houses KCAD’s fashion studies program, as well as the development of the program’s annual capstone fashion show, travel opportunities and professional development.

This gift is what led to the program being named after Pamella DeVos, who is president and designer of the fashion brand Pamella Roland.

Photo: Pamella Roland DeVos. Courtesy KCAD.

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